Anti-Microbial Trunking & Accessories



For many years, companies have supplied the healthcare sector through both singular projects and specification. Using a silver based additive in the uPVC compound, a popular option for medical applications is Centaur’s antimicrobial offering which inhibits growth of bacteria on the protected surface by upto 99.99%

  • Antimicrobial is an additional line of defense beyond antibacterial.
  • An antimicrobial substance is one that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms, fungi, or protozoans as well as bacteria.
  • Antimicrobial products and surfaces have been utilised in a number of different locations but are most frequently found within healthcare and food preparation environments in an effort to reduce infection & contamination.
  • The most popular antimicrobial is silver. Silver ions have been observed reacting with the thiol group in enzymes to inactivate them. Silver ions have also been shown to interact with bacterial DNA and prevent replication, effectively neutralizing the strain.

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