Amber Launches Smart Thermostat



With the technology for heating controls in our homes advancing rapidly Amber Underfloor Heating have introduced a wifi smart thermostat to their range that doesn’t require a hub.

A smart thermostat system allows the end user ultimate control over their heating system. Using app technology via a smart phone, tablet or computer, the heating system can be controlled from anywhere adapting your heating schedules from wherever you are, should your plans change. So, if you’re delayed at work or go on a spontaneous evening out, you can use an app to adjust your heating which means you’re not using energy heating an empty home. The Amber Smart thermostat is sleek and contemporary in appearance and the additional features give complete control over the heating system no matter where you are!

Program and adjust settings with an app available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. To control different rooms additional thermostats can easily be added.

Besides the Wi-Fi connection this thermostat can also operate as a stand alone unit. It is fully programmable with the easy user interface and touch buttons. Also an Open Window function is included. When the temperature suddenly drops, the thermostat will automatically switch off preventing additional electricity costs.

Compatible with the Amber electric mats and decoupling membrane and heated cable system which is quick to install and two products in one. Firstly, as a decoupling membrane guarding against movement in the sub floor which can cause tiles to crack and secondly as a heating cable carrier providing warmth to floors.

Amber Underfloor Heating is fully backed with a technical and design team who will be able to assist with all enquiries and offer a full design service if and when required by our customers; all can be reached using the freephone telephone number and products ordered are dispatched on free next working day delivery. With a range of electric mats, decoupling membrane and heating cables you’ll find all you need for your electric underfloor heating at Amber.

Amber sells solely to wholesalers, electrical distributors and retailers at trade prices, and provides them with a collection of professional POS which helps them to promote and sell to the end user.

For further information on Amber or to request an Account Manager visit, please call the sales team on 0800 056 0494 or visit www.amberufh.co.uk