NEW 1901 Dim to warm technology



Here at Collingwood, we have worked tirelessly to further expand the 1901 range, and are proud to launch the new dim to warm colour temperature.

The new dim to warm addition to the 1901 downlight family offers simple colour temperature change through mains dimming

The dim to warm addition is a first for 1901 and alters the mood and ambiance of a room quickly and easily; using just a mains dimmer. Dim the light level to a minimum of 10% and simultaneously reduce the CCT from 3000K through to 1800K. This option is perfect for creating a comfortable and relaxing space.

The dim to warm option is only available on medium and wide beam angles.

For more information call our expert sales team on 01604 495 151. You can also get in touch with the designers at The Studio at Collingwood, who are able to offer their expertise throughout the lighting design process, putting together full schemes cased around our comprehensive range.