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Arburg House
Tachbrook Park Drive
CV34 6RH
tel: 01926 466177


Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
AC0775 Case, 26 Way Organiser
AC0776 Tool Bag, Hi-Vis
AC0777 Tote Bag, Tool
AC0778 Tool Box, Organiser 486mm
AC0779 Tool Box, Heavy Duty, c/w Tote Tray
AC0780 Cord, Assorted Bungee 28 Piece
AC0781 Rope 10mmx50mPolypropylene
AC0785 Brush, Paint 25mm
AC0786 Dustpan, Brush
AC0790 Multi Tool, Oscillating 20V
AC0791 Accessory Kit, Multi Tool
AC0792 Blade, Multi Tool 5 Piece Set
AC0793 Blade, Multi Tool 20mm
AC0794 Blade, Multi Tool 34mm
AC0795 Blade, Multi Tool 34mm
AC0796 Blade, Multi Tool 34mm
AC0797 Blade, Multi Tool 68mm
AC0798 Pad, Multi Tool Backing
AC0800 Hammer, Club 2.1/2lb
AC0801 Hammer, Claw 16oz Steel
AC0802 Hammer, AntiVibe Fibreglass Shaft 16oz
AC0803 Pry Bar, Nail Puller 15in
AC0804 Chisel, Bolster 220x55mm
AC0805 Chisel, Scutch 25mm
AC0806 Chisel, Scutch 38mm
AC0807 Pipe Cutter, PVC Conduit
AC0808 Cutter, Ratchet Conduit Heavy Duty
AC0809 Cutter, Multi-function Ratchet Action
AC0810 Pliers, Ratchet Crimping, for Insulated Terminals
AC0811 Pliers, Ratchet Crimping, for Non Insulated Terminals
AC0812 Pliers, Ratchet Crimping, for Modular Plugs
AC0813 Pliers, Ratchet Crimping, for Ferrules
AC0814 Crimping Tool, Compact, for Modular Plugs
AC0815 Pliers, Ratchet Crimping Non Insulated
AC0816 Pliers, VDE Combination 165mm
AC0817 Pliers, VDE Combination 185mm
AC0818 Pliers, VDE Combination 205mm
AC0819 Pliers, VDE Snipe Nose 175mm
AC0820 Pliers, VDE Snipe Nose 200mm
AC0821 Side Cutters, VDE 140mm
AC0822 Side Cutters, VDE 180mm
AC0823 Side Cutters, VDE High Leverage 180mm
AC0824 Side Cutters, VDE High Leverage 200mm
AC0825 Cable Cutter, VDE Heavy Duty 210mm
AC0826 Cable Cutter, Ratchet
AC0827 Cable Cutter, Ratchet Heavy Duty
AC0828 Cable Cutter 160mm
AC0829 Cable Cutter 210mm
AC0830 Cable Cutter 240mm
AC0831 Snips, Electricians 140mm
AC0832 Snips, Compound Action Straight
AC0833 Tester, Mains Heavy Duty 100-500V
AC0834 Voltage Tester, Non Contact Visual & Audible
AC0835 Wire Stripper, Automatic
AC0836 Saw, Plasterboard Sabretooth 150mm
AC0837 Hacksaw, Junior
AC0838 Blade, Junior Hacksaw, Pack of 10
AC0839 Hacksaw, Heavy Duty 12in
AC0840 Blade, Hacksaw, Pack of 3 300mmx24TPI
AC0841 Blade, Hacksaw, Pack of 3 12inx32TPI
AC0842 Knife, Electricians
AC0843 Knife, Folding Utility
AC0844 Knife, Trimming Retractable, 3 Component Handle
AC0845 Blade, Pack of 10
AC0846 Knife, VDE Cable Sheath Stripping
AC0847 Tape Measure, Softech 5m/16ft
AC0848 Tape Measure, Softech 7.5m/25ft
AC0849 Tape Measure, XT 7.5m/25ft
AC0850 Level, Pocket 210mm/8.1/4in
AC0851 Pliers, Waterpump 175mm
AC0852 Pliers, Waterpump 250mm
AC0853 Pliers, Waterpump 300mm
AC0854 Wrench, Adjustable 200mm
AC0855 Wrench, Adjustable 250mm
AC0856 Spanner, Combination Metric Set of 12
AC0857 Hexagon Key, Metric Set of 7
AC0858 Hexagon Key, Ball End Long Arm Metric Set of 10
AC0859 Hexagon Key, Ball End Long Arm AF Set of 9
AC0860 Key, Universal Switch
AC0861 Key, Universal Switch 9 In 1
AC0862 Screwdriver, Dex VDE PH1x80
AC0863 Screwdriver, Dex VDE PH2x100
AC0864 Screwdriver, Dex VDE PZ1x80
AC0865 Screwdriver, Dex VDE PZ2x100
AC0866 Screwdriver, Dex VDE PZ2x200
AC0867 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP2.5x75
AC0868 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP3.0x100
AC0869 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP3.5x100
AC0870 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP4x100
AC0871 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP5.5x125
AC0872 Screwdriver, Torque, VDE Blades 1.5-3nm
AC0873 Screwdriver, VDE Precision Set of 7
AC0874 Screwdriver, Triton XLS Insulated SL/PZ Set
AC0875 Screwdriver, Dex VDE Modulo Set of 2
AC0876 Screwdriver, VDE Interchangeable Blade Set
AC0877 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP/PH Set of 6
AC0878 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP/PZD Set of 8
AC0879 Rethreader M3.5x0.6
AC0880 Punchdown Tool
AC0881 Tacker, Cable
AC0882 Tacker, Cable, for Telecom Cable
AC0889 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP/PH Set of 5
AC0890 Screwdriver, Dex VDE SLP/PZP Set of 7
AC0900 Screwdriver, VDE Interchangeable Slim Bladed Set
AC08860 Key, Cabinet Cross 12 in 1
AC08861 Key, Cabinet Wrench 8 in 1