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Wire Basket Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
AC78169 Fillet, Wire Basket Dividing 30mmx3m
AC78170 Fillet, Wire Basket Dividing 60mmx3m
AC78171 Clip, Wire Basket Dividing Fillet
AC78172 Clip, Wire Basket Fast Fix Up to 3.9 Wire
AC78173 Clip, Wire Basket Fast Fix 4.3 Wire
AC78174 Clip, Wire Basket Fast Fix 4.6-4.8 Wire
AC78175 Connector, Universal
AC78176 Hanger, Central 6mm Hole
AC78177 Hanger, Central 8mm Hole
AC78178 Hanger, Central 10mm Hole
AC78179 Clamp, Hold Down 6mm
AC78180 Clamp, Hold Down 8mm
AC78181 Clamp, Hold Down 10mm
AC78182 Fastener, Basket to Channel
AC78183 Plate, Conduit Take Off 20 & 25mm
AC78184 Strap, Straight Slotted 270x20mm
AC78185 Mounting Plate, Basket 65x65mm
AC78186 Support, Small Wall 60mm
AC78187 Clamp, Support
AC78188 Bolt Cutters, Angle Basket
AC78190 Clip, Uniklip For Acel Cable Tray