MT's Wire Basket Flies in At New Kent School


basket 1

School projects are under pressure to finish on time and in budget – two major factors that can be aided by Marshall-Tufflex’s Fast-Coupling Wire Basket System, an extremely quick installation solution for cable management. Recently installed by M&S Electrical at the new St George’s C of E Primary School in Thanet, Kent, the Fast-Coupling Wire Basket System boasts a connection time of just four seconds.

“I can vouch for the Fast-Coupling Wire Basket System’s installation speeds,” said Colin Gunn, Contracts Manager for M&S Electrical (UK) Limited. “It was amazing how quickly it fitted together. Our crew had never used it before but got the hang of it straight away – the stuff flew in!

“The system was perfect for this job – the time on-site it saved was significant. Where I can, I will always use it in the future, other solutions on the market just don’t compare,” concluded Mr Gunn.

With no tools required and featuring an integral push-fit coupling, install times are further cut thanks to the ease with which complicated changes in direction can be overcome simply by manipulating the wire basket during fitting.

Supplied by Edmundson Electrical in Hastings, approximately 300 lengths of Marshall-Tufflex’s Fast-Coupling Wire Basket system have been installed at St George’s to transport power cables along hall ways and to classrooms.

Quality cable management, fast

Two steps and four seconds are all it takes to connect the Fast-Coupling Wire Basket system, which is ideal for schools and large-scale installations such as industrial, commercial, renewable energy and transportation projects. The strong, lightweight baskets have great structural stability courtesy of a unique rippled wire construction and are corrosion resistant, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.  An electro-zinc finish acts as a layer of protection while enhancing the visual appearance. Safe edges prevent cable damage and personal injury, the system is flex resistant under load and supported by universal accessories, including a push-fit cover to protect cables and minimise dirt and dust ingress. Two heights are available, 65mm and 105mm.

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