Lighting up the stage at Aberdeen City Campus



With lighting effects a key part of the drama at any theatre production, Hager’s Klik lighting control module (LCM) solution has been specified at a busy theatre at the Aberdeen City Campus, part of the North East Scotland College.

It was chosen thanks to its ease of installation, flexible use, reliability and cost effectiveness and is now providing enhanced lighting control for both the theatre users and onsite lighting maintenance staff.

With the incumbent lighting control system at the theatre proving increasingly problematic and costly to maintain and repair, the contracted lighting maintenance team led by Daniel Strachan at Mitie, decided to seek out an alternative lighting control solution. Following discussions with electrical wholesaler, Edmundson Electrical, and further liaison with experts at Hager, a suitable LCM answer was identified; one which could be easily configured by the electrical staff on-site and alleviate the need to call on specialist (and expensive) lighting control support going forward.


Daniel Strachan from Mitie explains: “It was clear that we had to specify another LCM solution to replace one causing a number of problems within the theatre. To sort these out we had to rely on bringing in the system’s specialist support. This was both time consuming and costly, and was particularly frustrating if it was only a minor issue that required sorting.

"I have used Hager products in the past and with guidance and recommendations from the company, it was clear we could replace the three existing LCMs with Hager’s KLCM412P lighting control module in a very cost effective manner. But, just as importantly, the simplicity of the units meant the onsite electrical staff could undertake the changeover and be in a strong position to work with the new LCM going forward. In effect, they have been able to take back control of the system. Adjustments can now be made quickly and easily using a Bluetooth connected IPad and KlikLink app, and any problems resolved without delay, thereby vastly improving the operational effectiveness of the system with the support of the team.”


The new specified Hager LCM units were easily mounted onto the existing trays. An easy drop to the light switches via a single RJ45 lead to individual switches and settings were inputted via the KlikLink app. This has enabled four scene settings to be incorporated, along with master dimming capability.

Such has been the success of the initial installation in the Aberdeen City Campus drama theatre, that discussions are underway to specify the solution in a number of other areas within North East Scotland College.

Daniel Strachan summarises: “The Hager Klik LCM solution has worked extremely well on this project. It is very easy to install, straightforward to configure, economical and has the in-built flexibility to be added or re-configured to the needs of whatever lighting control the room demands. Critically, this can all be achieved under the control of the on site electrician, which saves us time and expense.

"We are now actively looking at other installations across the campus buildings as the Hager Klik LCM solution delivers the proven performance, optimised pricing and ease of use to add real value as we undertake ongoing lighting system maintenance commitments for our client.”