Case Study - Cavan County Council


Corrosion Protection & Preventative Maintenance. 

Cavan Councils newly purchased Archway Roadmaster, had an application of Corrosion Protection using Lanotec’s Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin. This vehicle is used for road repairs all year round, including harsh winter conditions where breakdowns and corrosion is especially more likely.

Global Green Tag Certified

A Sustainable Solution

This application will ensure the machines external components & electrical connections etc are fully protected with a Hermetic Seal from water and the elements, coupled with Lanotec’s sustainable environmental credentials to       compliment the application.

Heavy-Duty Liquid Lanolin

Working on Road Repairs brings this vehicle into contact with an especially corrosive environment. Prolonged contact with water and especially saltwater on the roads during the harsh winter season can cause metal to rust rapidly.

We applied HD Liquid Lanolin to the entire underbody of the vehicle:-

  • Chassis, Leaf Springs, Drive Shafts, Electrical Connections & Terminals

  • Applied using a 1.5 Litre Pressure Hand Pump  

  • Application time  - 30 minutes

  • Reapplication on underbody  - 4 to 6 weeks dependent on exposure.

Applying a coating to the underbody that seals the surface and provides protection against the most aggressive corrosion, will act as a preventative maintenance program. Prevention is far cheaper than fixing costly corrosion problems later and, the need for replacement parts and vehicle downtime is reduced significantly.

Liquid Lanolin

application images

Application Images

Application Images

Citra Force

(as this Roadmaster vehicle was brand new, the surfaces did not need to be cleaned with Citra Force prior to application).

All products are Weather, Pressure-wash, Salt and Acid resistant, whilst providing a Sustainable and Biodegradable alternative solution and a safer working environment.


With the introduction of pre-use application we have proven the value we have added through effective asset protection and the result is a reduction in both time and money for:

  • Maintenance programme frequency

  • Reduction of Downtime through effective asset protection

  • Extending the longevity of vehicles through effective asset protection

  • Environmental solution to Protection, release agent and cleaning

  • Safe Environmental working conditions (absence of Acid and Petroleum chemicals).  

Lanotec products are made from sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredients that are: 

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-conductive 

  • Highly adhesive 

  • Anti-corrosive 

  • Salt and acid resistant

  • Global Green Tag Certified.