Car Heating - Box Timer


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Customer: Elektroskandia, Sollentuna, Sweden

Elektroskandia is a swedish electrical wholesaler headquartered in Sollentuna and is part of the Sonepar Group since 2008. The company currently has 46 branches with 770 employees in Sweden.

Application: Car heating function for engine starts automatically 2 hours before using

Car heating function starts 2 hours before driver is starting the engine .

For instance: employee is working 8 hours daily ;when he arrive at the  parking place he programs  6 hours –timer is running  6 hours –after that contact is closing –heating function  starts for 2 hours . The boxes are installed in private parking places, hotels, hospitals or plants.

UNI 45 TVS / V86/1ST2HM1  

UNI 45  stands for Universal 45 for the dimension 45x45mm; T stands for Day; V  for distributor installation; S for special. At the V86/1ST2HM1 the V stands for distributor installation; 86 shows the year of the developement and S for syncron watch (withoutpower reserve); T is the day; 2H  means 2 hours; M1 the module width. 

Benefit: Energy saving

Saving  energy (no gasoline needed ) electrical heating function is coming from outside the car;protect the motor and environment .