Active drainage ventialtion and HDPE systems provide top performance for Wembley project



Marley’s versatile HDPE soil system and its Studor Positive Air Pressure Attenuation (P.A.P.A) system, are being installed on a property on Phase 2 of the South West Lands development; currently nearing completion close beside the capital’s iconic Wembley football stadium.

Developed to create both private and affordable housing across 14 floors, the project is being built by McAleer & Rushe, with leading building services consultancy, Cadwell, being responsible for the design and specification of heating, plumbing and ventilation systems, which have been installed by Northern Ireland based FG Mechanical Building Services Ltd.; whose sister company, Glackin Electrics, is providing the power, lighting and alarm systems.  

Many of FG Mechanical’s personnel had previously worked on the fit-out of the Maldron hotel in Newcastle prior to starting on the Wembley project, so they were familiar with the use of the fusion weld process for jointing Marley HDPE, as well as the installation of the P.A.P.A system. The integrated systems offered speed of installation, as well as long term performance and peace of mind for all involved. 

Frequently employed in high-rise properties, the Studor P.A.P.A offers the ideal solution to the issue of pressure fluctuations compromising traps. In high-rise applications the combination of the Studor P.A.P.A, Maxi-Vent and Mini-Vent air admittance valves comprise a complete Active Drainage Ventilation system to prevent pressure changes, thereby guaranteeing traps remain full of water.

The Contracts Manager for FG Mechanical Building Services, Michael McGoldrick, commented: “Our contract for McAleer & Rushe on Block 5 at South West Lands has involved us delivering all of the heating, plumbing, low temperature hot water, above ground drainage and extract ventilation throughout the 14-storey building.  All specified and designed by Cadwell.

“This has involved a number of P.A.P.A’s, Maxi-Vents and Mini-Vents being located throughout the building, while the 110mm and 160mm diameter HDPE takes the waste down through the building to connect with the underground drainage.  In this context the fusion weld joints offer total ‘solid for life’ reliability – effectively future-proofing the installation.”

Marley HDPE range is certified to BS EN 1519 and will cope with temperature variations of -40°C to +100°C, making it ideal for external as well as internal installations.  The pipes are tempered, having undergone a heat treatment after extrusion, resulting in less shrinkage when cooled down from high operational temperatures.  This creates less stress on joints, resulting in a longer life for the pipe system.

All of the products were supplied to FG Mechanical Building Services via BSS in London, a long-established distributor of the Marley range, with handover of the Wembley apartment building expected this summer.