Heating large commercial spaces indoors



Zwift Draft House has a contemporary interior which serves food and drinks alongside live action on the big screen. It pulls in large visitors to watch cycling events, such as the Yorkshire Road World Championships Week, when routes pass the popular venue. The new venue was seeking an efficient, effective heating solution.

Heating large interior spaces with infrared heaters provides a simple to install solution that is easy to control, as and when required, ensuring efficiency and comfort. Herschel IRP4 heaters have been ceiling -mounted throughout, saving valuable floor and wall space, with their zero light, industrial design perfectly complementing the contemporary finish withing the venue interior.

Visit Herschel’s website to watch our video walk through of the installed heaters and see the P4 heaters installed in Zwift Draft House. Contact Herschel for more details of how our infrared heaters can work for other large interior spaces.