Easyfit Isolator Case Studies


Our customer (Titan Mechanical Services) regularly uses the Aladdin Easyfit isolator to assist in the regular maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves.  In order to service and test these valves the water supply needs to be switched off and since they are fitted to multi-occupancy buildings such as prisons and hospitals the system can’t be drained.  The ONLY way to successfully test the TMVs is to use an Aladdin Easyfit Isolator.

Our customer (Silenster Building Services & Property Maintenance) needed to switch off the hot water pipe in a multi-occupancy building to perform some essential repairs.  The building consisted of 33 retirement flats all fed from the same heating pipe which needed to be maintained.  Switching off the heating to all of the flats occupied by their vulnerable elderly tenants was not possible; therefore there would have been no way to perform the maintenance without the Easyfit Isolator.   All pipes for the building entered in the basement area and had limited access.  Within minutes the Easyfit was fitted and the water isolated to enable the essential repairs to be carried out.

Our customer was refurbishing a flat.  In the kitchen area the pipework needed to be extended.  The section which needed to be extended had no isolation.  To avoid switching off the water for the whole property the customer used an Easyfit Isolator.  Thus meaning the job was much quicker to perform  and would leave  easy to access isolation in the new pipe run.  In addition the alternative  shut-off valves  at the property were difficult to access and old.    Within minutes the Easyfit was fitted and the water isolated thus enabling the refurbishment to continue.