Burlington Square



Located in the heart of ‘Corridor Manchester’ – an innovation district south of Manchester City Centre – the UK’s most dynamic city. Burlington Square is a new, high quality residential development delivered by Salboy, one of Manchester’s most active developers. The development comprises of 273 apartments over 9 storeys with ground floor communal facilities, commercial units and rooftop communal areas.

The fittings used in this development were Moon, Carina and Ultra-Slims (visible on the photos) and them Estrella Linear, Neon Flex, Saturn, Ultra Slim, Carina, Trident, Aeroline, R2 downlight and Alphard Bulkhead. The architects and lighting designers aimed to enhance the innovative, modern and cultural aspects of this city corner through the lobby space, where most luminaires are RICOMAN (downlights and the surface mounted Moon featuring direct-indirect light).

The outcome of the project is excellent, with the luminaires complimenting an urban and contemporary design aesthetic of the building by providing optimum light levels in perfect harmony the architecture of the building.