Autovent Case Studies


Our customer (Mrs Robin Lewin) contacted us to tell us her story. “The uppermost radiator in my 1903 home was a total nightmare until I bought your valve.  Basically, we had no heat from this radiator for about two years.  The plumber was here twice topping up the system, etc, but nothing worked, and I felt like I was permanently attached to a bleeding key, with little result! My husband and I regard you as total heroes and think of you with gratitude every time we walk past our hot (to the top!!) radiator.”

Further selection of customer reviews:

“We had air in our central heating system which we just couldn't get rid of. One week after fitting the Aladdin HV30 and all our radiators are hot to the top.   It was very easy to fit. You just need a spanner and the days of noisy cold radiators are gone. It also reduced noise coming from the system: an unexpected bonus.”   

“Excellent instantly did what is was claimed to do it took me less than two mins to install it on my radiator and instantly air in the radiator was gone and not been back since ,and to think I put up with keep bleeding the radiator for a long time.”

“This was second one bought for a heated towel rail in a bathroom which is the last in line of radiators. Saw on packaging that lasts about 5 years which seeing it was 8 years from last fitted not bad.  Changed really easily without having to drain down system and instantly heard hiss of escaping air.  I'd recommend to use one on all rads.”

“Brilliant bit of kit, my bathroom radiator constantly needed bleeding, since installing this valve I've never had to bleed it again. It's so good my dad bought one for his house too!”

"No more call outs to radiators that need bleeding, they should come as standard with all rads "