Keeping you connected: PMA's work to keep telephone lines secure



As the media spotlight shines increasingly on negative stories detailing slow or intermittent internet connections, large and small scale hackings, and the compromising of customer data from big broadband and telephone providers, it becomes ever easier for us all to lose faith in the security of our connection, and the integrity of the information we both share and receive online.

In the age of the internet, where almost everyone and everything is online and connected, maintaining that connection is vital to near every aspect of our lives; keeping in touch with our family & friends, keeping on top of our finances and, of course, going about our day’s work.

Let’s face it, none of us could get our work done if we didn’t have access to our emails or the ability to make a phone call, but we never really notice the importance of these connections - and the impact telecommunications has on our lives - until they go wrong or stop working.

And this is where PMA comes in...

Although we’re best known for our work in the rail industry; creating and delivering innovative cable protection solutions and applications to ensure the world’s railways run smoothly and safely, we also provide cable protection solutions for telecommunications, IT, and switch cabinet construction.

Telecommunications - the transmission of signs, signals, and messages by cables or electromagnetic systems - is a complex process which, as suggested, relies on a series of specialist cables to operate effectively; if those cables become damaged or worn, the information they hold will not be transmitted correctly.

It’s here, in this vulnerability, that issues around the speed or reliability of connections, and the security of transmitted information come into question - a broken cable means an unreliable cable.


That’s why, here at PMA, we provide a series of specialist solutions, specifically designed for this field; including applications for fibre optic cables in exposed areas, and electromagnetic shielding.

Catering for a range of varying areas and needs within the telecommunications industry, PMA are working to keep your information safe, your data secure, and your connection as fast as possible; from our VOH (PA6) heavy duty application for outdoor and static use, to our flexible PPCOF (PP) for retrofit ppcof-conduit_396px-widthinstallation - minimising the risks associated and helping you to maintain confidence in your communications in the best way we know how - creating the highest quality cable protection solutions available.


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