Rointe in schools



Schools, universities and other educational facilities are spaces designed and developed for learning, where the most important goal is yielding the best performance from each student in the duration of the time spent there.

The performance from each student can be attributed to a series of parameters which allow the student to feel comfortable and enjoy the learning environment.

One of these parameters is the “Thermal Comfort” that students experience in the classroom throughout the learning period. This “Thermal Comfort” can be separated into three variables: temperature, relative humidity and air speed.

Rointe heating and both their ranges, KYROS and D Series, offers to the educational sector:

  • Products with intelligent control algorithms, that make it possible to obtain a stable ambient temperature that with simple thermostats is not possible to obtain.
  • Radiators that keep the temperature constant and the humidity within the healthy limits
  • Radiators that operate using the natural convection of the air, warming the classroom in a smooth and gradual way, unlike the systems that use forced ventilation that generate uncomfortable currents of hot air.
  • The possibility of dividing the school into different zones with individual heating programs allowing the heating program to be customised in each sector, allowing to be minimized the overall consumption of the installation.

Furthermore, Rointe offers a special software upgrade called University Software. This upgrade allows different time schedules  and incorporates special functions adapted to the needs of classrooms, such as the “2 hour boost" option, which make the product work continuously for 2 hours to achieve a warmer ambiance, returning to their initial state after the 2 hours.

To summarise, the choice of a correct heating system in an educational facility is vital to maintain a safe comfortable environment where students and teachers can perform to the best of their ability.

Finally, when 60% of the energy consumption in schools is due to heating expenses, the correct choice of a heating system will save money every month while maintaining the ideal comfortable environment for the students and teachers.