Earthquake protection for switchgear systems


white paper

Designing a switchgear system which can be used in earthquake-prone zones is a tremendous challenge for many panel builders, especially as this kind of project is typically not regular business. 

A new new white paper from Rittal entitled: “Earthquake protection for switchgear systems”, now offers switchgear manufacturers guidance on system design as well as a basic overview. 

It supports panel builders by providing information on relevant standards, typical testing methods and the layout of enclosures that can be used in earthquake-prone areas.   It answers questions such as:

  • What has to be considered when building electrical switchgears for earth-quake-prone zones? 
  • What damage can earthquakes do to control panels? 
  • Which standards are relevant in terms of electrical infrastructure? 

The white paper uses the TS 8 baying enclosure system to illustrate also the effectiveness of the company’s earthquake accessory set against earthquakes. 

Link to White Paper

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