Retrotouch launches hotel range


Retrotouch, providers of electric automation solutions for interiors, announces the launch of a complete hotel-room range that brings added convenience to guests as well as delivering all of the design requirements of a top-rated establishment.

The Retrotouch hotel range is known as The Titon Series – a complete set of room automation products that comprises: digital door communication panels, energy-saver card switch,  heating and air conditioning control panels, curtain/shutter control switches, bedside lighting and dimmer controls, a hidden audio system with wall-mounted control panels.  All of these systems can be controlled using either an individual or a master remote control, ensuring that the guest can relax while they control all aspects of their hotel room environment.

For the hotel, the Titon Series delivers savings in terms of energy and time.  Dimmed lights are more efficient than bright; Retrotouch heating and air conditioning systems have intelligent controls to ensure maximum efficient performances of the units; and the energy-saver card switches are the obvious environmentally-friendly way to control electrical systems in each individual room.

As well as delivering efficient, energy-saving performances and giving flexibility and control to the guest, Retrotouch products offer designer looks to enhance and complement any interior. There’s a wide choice of finishes and designs for each of the models in the range, allowing each establishment to personalise the looks to match the style of their interiors.

Energy Saver Switch
The Energy saver switch is compatible with building automation systems, energy management systems and lighting control panels. All electrical facilities in the room are all turned off after the guest removes key card from its slot, egress time delay of 10- 30 seconds lets the guests leave safely and conveniently before power is turned off saving costs on lights, TV, AC left on in room. Use the same card to unlock the door and also to power up room. LED indicator light can be easily identified at night.  Available card types Mifare, Magnetic card, T557 card, any card power up options. Save energy consumption upto 20-30%. 

Digital Door Communication Panels
The doorbell system is compatible with guestroom automation system, guestroom data management system, to facilitate the guestroom management. These are panels that are placed inside and outside the room beside the hotel room door which combine a doorbell with “do not disturb” and “make up room” messages digitally displayed. The clever doorbell deactivates if the customer has selected “do not disturb”.  This helps create a foolproof channel of communication between the client and the hotel, with minimal fuss for the customer. If the guest cannot answer door immediately, press “Please wait function”(Deactivates door bell) staff or guest can see the please wait indicator on outdoor panel as guest maybe getting ready and does not want to miss the visitor. The housekeeping messages are changed using a similar touch panel linked to the inside-room panel. The guest can order or cancel information on the touch display at any time. Save costs on door cards, which fall off and environmentally friendly. The touch graphics can be customised to have door number, and different icons to suit the style of hotel, making this extremely versatile.

Electric wall-mounted thermostat controls for heating and air conditioning
HV2000 room thermostats are applied to electrical heating equipment control and systemic heating electrical valve control to set the room temperature at a constant level.  HV2000 Intelligent room temperature controllers have sensor correction and reset functions, internal memory which permanently stores parameters set by the user and can be programmed to come on at up to 6 periods of time control per day.  Luxuriously designed and made of ABS fire resistant insulating and metal materials, the thermostats meet the design requirement of any top-class hotel.  They come in a range of colours and finishes.

AC2000 electric air conditioning thermostat features a unique design and simple operation, and is ideal for double pipe or four pipe central air-conditioning systems.  These units replace traditional mechanical air conditioning controllers, enabling hotels to save 30% energy costs.  The attractive LCD indicator panel show shows the indoor temperature, customer’s set temperature, wind speed and time. Timing controls can pre-set temperature and fan speed at a preset time.

Automated lighting controls
These attractive switches have LED backlit indicators so the user can easily find the control in the dark.  They are “touch and remote” switches which can either be controlled with your fingertips or by remote control.  There are various different designs and styles to choose from which include 1 and 2 gang dimmer switches or combined on/off and dimmer switches. Touch on/off switches 1 to 4 gangs with or without master on/off button (turns all lights off with one button). Set scenes or certain patterns of lights to come on when customer powers up room when inserting energy saver card. 15 second delay functions to allow customer to get into bed and auto lights off. Set the scene and ambience of the room immediately when guest enters the room.

Hidden audio system
The T2000 audio system combines style and state of the art technology.  The audio system is controlled via a wall-mounted glass touch panel. It includes a (2x25W) amplifier which can be situated up to 50m away - via a network cable to the touch panel - giving the room an uncluttered look. The control panel has a background indicator/light which can be seen in the dark. It can be controlled by remote control or touch.  The audio system has a built-in FM tuner with 40 pre-set channels and an infra-red remote control unit with which you can change your sound levels or set the bass and treble of your speakers without having to move from your seat.  An iPod, TV or CD are just a few examples of gadgets that can be used with the audio system’s three auxiliary inputs. Users can control the volume in up to 4 separate rooms via an external volume controller for seamless sound.

etrotouch electrical products are all available from www.retrotouch.co.uk .  There’s a wide range of designs and finishes for each of the products in the range, ensuring a style that will fit in with the décor of any hotel or restaurant. Retrotouch products provide superb performance and durability, and are designed with safety and convenience top-of-mind.  Each product comes with clear installation instructions and is backed by a 1-year guarantee.