Introducing Quickwire


Exciting news! Flex Connectors - the group that brought you flex7 - have launched a new company: Quickwire Ltd. This is home to our latest innovation, the Quickwire junction box for domestic lighting.  


A Quickwire junction box is remarkably simple. There are no screws, covers, clips or clamps. Simply strip Twin & Earth cable and push into the entry points. The cores are guided into the correct terminals, before a clever (patented) shuttle design clamps down on the cable, completing the connection. That's all there is to it - you won't have seen anything this fast before!

  • Dramatic time savings
  • Maintenance-free
  • No earth sleeving required
  • Prewired with clearly labelled cable inlets
  • Screwless push-fit design
  • No screws, clips, clamps, or covers
  • Fits through 32mm hole
  • Reusable

To find out more about the Quickwire junction box and its capabilities, take a look at the Quickwire website