Recognisable quality with LED lamps


LEDs provide significant advantages and for this reason are becoming ever more popular – they're energy -efficient and therefore cut power energy costs compared to traditional light sources, and LED lamps are extremely durable and feature good colour rendering. However, quality differences also exist with LED technology. In order to provide the complete range of benefits inherent in LED technology, it’s a question of using high quality products that ideally come from a single source, and for this reason are optimally matched. To make such matched systems appealing in terms of appearance, the light source manufacturer Osram has updated its product range and in autumn 2014 will be presenting its largest LED lamp portfolio until now, featuring a uniform language of design. More than 90 LED lamp types will be available on the market in an easily recogniszable, consistent design.

Osram lamp

Lamps with classic candle, drop and pear shapes will feature the uniform appearance. The look of the Classic clamps is mainly characterised by the smooth, white heat sink and features a high recognition factor, and reflector lamps in the Osram portfolio also have homogeneous, discreet designs with smooth heat sinks and silver reflectors. Lamps from the Parathom Classic A40 range are particularly suitable for upgrading standard light bulbs to energy -efficient and durable LED technology because their construction size is identical to these traditional incandescent lamps. The "Parathom CL A40 advanced clear sparkling" LED lamp was even awarded the Red Dot Award for its product design. The uniform designs of the Osram lamps go beyond similar appearances to also provide a highly practical aspect – in terms of technology the design is based on the new Osram modular construction principle, with the various lamps using identical modules. This modular principle also ensures that all components are optimally matched.

lamps 2
The uniform Osram language of design is characterised mainly by the smooth, white heat sink of the LED lamps with classic drop, candle and pear shapes.
lamps 4
Osram reflector lamps with their contemporary, discreet design also have a uniform appearance with a higher recognition factor.