Outstanding product diversity


The new LED lamp portfolio from Osram consists of more than 90 lamp types and includes over 20 new products, and the range is mainly based on a new modular principle where identical modules are used in different lamps. The new LED lamps portfolio features an extremely wide product diversity. Also, many lamps will be manufactured in Germany from autumn 2014, giving premium quality and short delivery times.

LED lamps

An extremely wide range of lamp shapes and bases are available, ranging from traditional incandescent lamps, reflector and tube designs and screw and pin base variants to high and low voltage products. In addition, lamps with classic construction forms will have a consistent and easily recognizable recognisable language of design. The uniform appearance of the candle, drop-shaped and mainly pear-shaped Classic LED lamps will be characterised primarily by their smooth, white heat sinks. The Superstar Classic A40, combining the popular look of traditional light bulbs with modern LED light, has already been awarded the renowned Red Dot Award for product design.

Modular principle
The similar design of the new LED lamps is based technologically on the new modular construction principle where all lamps with traditional shapes have identical modules. All components are optimally matched, meaning that lamps can be developed significantly more quickly because it is no longer necessary to completely redevelop the lamp, in turn providing shorter development times and lower costs. The optics of the new Osram LED lamp portfolio are also based on a uniform concept for all lamp types, providing homogeneous light with beam angles of up to 300°. Because LEDs are point light sources emitting directional light, the optics that have the task of uniformly distributing light are a particular technical challenge.

Made in Germany
Many lamps in the new LED portfolio such as the Classic A40, the A60 types and the stick-shaped LEDinestra will be produced in Germany from Autumn 2014, providing first- class quality as well as short delivery times.