Introducing the NGTouch



Heat Mat has added a new colour touchscreen thermostat to their range of intelligent NGTs. The NGTouch is a contemporary electric underfloor heating controller with a number of clever lifestyle functions designed to reflect and enhance the user’s routine. This easy to use thermostat will form the basis of a cost-effective heating system, when daily ‘events’ are programmed to reflect a homeowner’s lifestyle.

The polar white NGTouch is exclusive to Heat Mat and manufactured in Denmark. It features a colourful resistive touchscreen interface for users to easily follow, and proprietary functionality including:

  • 4 or 6 pre-programmed ‘events’ per day from morning to overnight
  • Lifestyle ‘modes’ including holiday, comfort, frost protection and boost
  • Eco mode – to switch the system off when leaving a room or house temporarily
  • Adaptive Function - anticipates when to switch the underfloor heating on to reach a target temperature for the first daily ‘event’
  • An energy monitor displaying the system’s electricity use over a week, month or year in kW or £’s and pence
  • Manual mode – to switch the thermostat to basic manual programming
  • A QR reader allows programming information to be extracted from the device and emailed to Heat Mat’s technical team for fast technical support.

Compatible with any electric underfloor heating system, the NGTouch thermostat is perfect for use with Heat Mat’s 160W heating mats or loose undertile cable. The discreet thermostat is just 82mm high x 82mm wide and designed to fit UK back boxes.

The NGTouch is available from distributors nationwide. For information please contact Heat Mat on 01444 247020 or email sales@heatrmat.co.uk