Clayton Herschel



We are delighted to announce Herschel’s joint venture with Clayton Vehicle Systems, experts in delivering technological innovations to the automotive sector for over 100 years.

Clayton Herschel has been formed to enable Clayton’s vast knowledge of vehicle climate requirements, and their engineering skills, to combine with our revolutionary infrared heating solution and unrivalled experience in application, presenting the automotive sector with a simple to install, zero emission, heating solution.

Supporting global low carbon targets, our leading vehicle infrared heat systems are changing the way we heat buses, coaches, trains and marine vehicles.

Clayton Herschel solutions deliver numerous benefits over conventional heat systems:

Energy saving: heats passengers first, and the fabric of the vehicle, rather than heating the air like standard methods used in petrol or diesel vehicles, saving up to 60% on energy consumption.

Greater warmth and comfort for passengers: a more consistent temperature significantly reduces cold spots and variations in temperature are minimised.

Carbon-free: no fuel is burnt during the heat process, one of the few systems available delivering 0% carbon emissions.

Easy installation: sleek & lightweight solution can be easily mounted and hidden within the inner roof panel of any vehicle.

Reduction in condensation: infrared heat warms objects directly, keeping them at a higher temperature than the air and deterring the build up of moisture.  A significant benefit to a common problem on buses and other vehicles.

For more information on how our vehicle heat systems work, please see our website.