Discover the new products of GE Industrial Solutions


PremEon TM S

A new simplified and modern Electronic trip unit meeting present day standards:


  • Works with modern electronic regulation systems
  • On-Board diagnostics (Why Trip occurred)
  • Integrated test kit
  • Bicolor multifunction LED
  • USB port for test and diagnostics via PC


  • No Rating Plug
  • 3-positions switch for Neutral setting (Off - 50% - 100%)

Comprehensive and Global

  • Extended setting range (0.3 to 1 x In)
  • Ground fault function as option
  • Mag Only S(I) protection available for both FE & FG
  • IEC, CCC & UL conformable

EntelliGuardTM L

A new line of Air Circuit Breakers. The L version of this breaker is a line of three and four poles:

  • Designed for simplicity
  • Manufactured in the EU.

Range and performance

  • 400 to 4000A in 2 frame sizes
  • Meets the IEC 60947
  • 3P and 4P versions in fixed and withdrawable configurations
  • Choice of 50kA or 65kA ratings
  • Icu = Ics = Icw for the full range
  • Suitable for up to 690V AC
  • Designed to be selective

EntelliGuard TM G – T version

A new addition to complete the Entelliguard G range of ACBs

Comprehensive Global ACB

  • Designed to optimize component density within equipment, manunfactured in the EU

Range and performance

  • New compact frame further expanding the EntelliGuard G family 30% space saving
  • 400-1600A
  • 50k & 65k AIC
  • Leverages the entire offering of the EntelliGuard TU
  • Uses the same accessories as EntelliGuard G
  • Meets new IEC 60947.2-2009/GB 14048.2-2008
  • Meets EN 60947-1 through IEC, UL aprovals

State of the art Trip Units

ArcWatch enabled:

Selectivity and Arc Flash protection 24/7

  • Instantaneous & Threshold ZSI
  • ZSI built-in self test
  • WFR algorithm
  • LT settings 0.2…1x ln
  • Plug & Play
  • Mechanism self timing
  • User friendly interface
  • Conversion kits

Entelliguard manager Suit

Tools to increase safety and productivity

The EntelliGuard ToolKit, App, and Gateway are designed to make managing and monitoring trip units easier and safer by leveraging digitization and decreasing exposure to dangerous arc flash zones