Circuit monitoring systems



With the rise of digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) collection of data from the entire network for analysis becomes easier, enabling optimization of energy usage and assets. From monitoring energy consumption to control of operations and costs, connectivity-based solutions can improve energy efficiency while reducing costs.

ABB's portfolio of scalable energy and asset management solutions, including CMS-700, brings this digital transformation into public, commercial and industrial solutions. The Circuit Monitoring System (CMS) is an ultra-compact and high-performance multichannel measurement system for AC and DC branch monitoring. It represents a complete solution for monitoring electrical parameters in distribution panels, enabling power monitoring and energy efficiency analysis in buildings and critical power applications.

The new control unit CMS-700 enlarges the portfolio of central units for energy and power circuit monitoring, providing the most comprehensive set of information on the system. Through the built-in web server, CMS-700 allows to identify potential savings related to energy consumption and to detect risky situations before they lead to service interruptions or load failures. This helps guarantee uninterrupted power supply and service to customers.

The CMS sensors measure any kind of current - direct, alternating or mixed - in a wide measuring range of up to 160A. The new open-core sensor generation, which represents an innovative and highly perceived quality solution, allows retrofitting of existing installation and guarantees maximum flexibility and modularity.

Speed up your project

  • Energy transparency
  • Clear visibility of energy consumption at branch level.
  • One sensor for all currents
  • Measurement of any kind of current up to 160A
  • Maximum reliability and security
  • Utmost data security thanks to encrypted SNMP v3 and SSL certificate

Easy to Install

  • Minimum space requirements
  • Ultra-compact sensors for effective measurement.
  • Smart commissioning
  • Full configuration only takes a few minutes
  • Simplified installation
  • Save up to 30% of installation time thanks to quick mounting of sensors.
  • Easy retrofitting and upgrade
  • Extend or modify the system at any time

Energy Efficiency

  • Up-to-date system status
  • Improve system reliability and support continuous operations
  • Reduced inefficiencies
  • Identify optimal load distribution and energy consumptions
  • Simplified installation
  • Notifications of alarms directly in your mailbox

CMS sensors

Small size, huge performance


CMS sensors, 18 or 25 mm wide, are among the most compact and high-performance current sensors on the market. They enable extremely accurate and effective measurements and are flexible for any kind of installation thanks to the opportunity of measuring in only one device AC, DC or mixed currents up to 160 A (TRMS).

The sensors can be mounted on all DIN rail components, SMISSLINE components or directly secured to the cables, minimizing the cabling the in the distribution cabinet. Even all S800 devices with cage terminals is covered by dedicated part of solid-core current sensors portfolio.

Measurement data are transmitted digitally via the CMS-bus interface from each sensor to the control unit. This reduces the number of cables into the distribution units and maximizes the security of the transmitted measurement values.

The possibilities offered by the system enlarges thanks to the new open-core sensors, able to provide fast and easy installation without power interruption thanks to their U-shape design. The retrofit of existing installation and a faster cabling are guaranteed by using them, that can be installed without power interruption and special tools required.

CMS control unit

Measure and operate smarter

control unit

Control units are needed to process the data from CMS sensors, supply the CMS sensors with power, get access to the measurement data locally or remotely and to do all the system configurations. The number of sensors that can be connected depends on the type of control unit: up to 64 sensors with CMS600 and 96 with CMS700. The contactless measuring process rules out potential sources of error right from the start. The negligible amount of wiring required ensures maximum system stability.

The CMS-600 system enables simple and fast operation; the Control Unit is equipped with an illuminated touch display that makes not only initialization but also control of the sensors extremely simple. A 2-wire RS485 Modbus RTU interface enables users to remotely query and process the measurement data.

Trough CMS700 the data acquirements is improved, enabling energy and power measurements in the main circuit the device is monitoring, and calculating that in every branch connected. Protocols for communications include Modbus RTU, TCP and SNMP v1, 2 & 3, guaranteeing through the new encrypted version utmost data security. Through the built-in web server, CMS700 allows easy access for data collection

CMS connection technology

Easy cable assembly


To connect the sensors to the control unit a flat cable and insulation displacement connectors are needed. The cable assembly is very easy. The insulation displacement connectors can be connected by applying a small amount of pressure to the flat cable - quick, easy and reliable.

A wide range of cable is now available (up to 30 m length, with available predefined length of 2m, 5m, 10m, 30m) enabling high flexibility in any application just selecting the right component needed in the specific application.