Box on Demand



West Country lighting manufacturer, Dextra Group plc., has purchased ‘Box on Demand’ equipment complete with auto scanner, print and gluer in a £300k investment. Quoting Nigel Penny, Group Procurement Director “we have almost 200 packaging items which have always been difficult to manage. The new equipment will allow us to produce purpose built packaging JIT, tailored to the product and our clients requirements”.

The machines are housed in recently acquired and upgraded premises which have been extended to include additional storage, a new HGV maintenance facility and visitor centre.

Additionally, the company has upgraded its laser cutting capability with an ultra-modern Amada 3015AJ, 4kw fibre laser.

As LED luminaire design becomes more mature, the Group has more individual ‘family’ ranges and pipeline items than ever before so the acquisition of such a sophisticated and efficient machine will speed the time between design and productivity.