New Deta LED DImmer


Deta is pleased to offer a solution for dimming LED lamps available in the Slimline, Decorative and Flatplate finishes.

It has been an industry wide issue that when dimming an LED fitting, problems could arise due to incompatibility between the lamp type and the dimmer.

LED’s draw less wattage than traditional lamps and whilst this is a great incentive for customers wishing to reduce their electricity bills, it means they generally don’t work with the existing dimmer switch installed.

When dimming a halogen lamp, a dimmer switch restricts the amount of voltage reaching the filament, which in turn reduces the light level. LED’s don’t use filaments, so dimming this way does not work.

To avoid compatibility issues and potentially damaging the LED bulbs, Deta have introduced a dimmer switch especially suited to our range of LED Fire Rated Downlights. These are designed to manage the low energy requirements of LED’s and supply the appropriate voltage and current. Deta dimmers are optimised to operate our dimmable LED lamps, although they can be programmed to enable compatibility with most leading lamp manufacturers and are compatible with tungsten filament, low voltage and dimmable LED lamp types.

For further information on this new range please visit our website on www.detaelectrical.co.uk