A Cut Above the Rest!



DART’s Premium Cobalt Holesaw has a track record of durability and performance –cited as ‘outlasting other leading brands by up to three times’. The true flagship product of DART Tool Group, whosupply a huge range ofqualitypower tool accessories, the Premium Holesaw guarantees a long life and exceptional ability to cut a range of materials.

The variable pitch and precision set teeth allow for aggressive material penetration and swarf clearance, with enhanced heat and wear resistance –the holesaw can be used on the toughest of material –including steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, wood and plastic. We all know the frustration of a being faced with a job and then the tool breaks unexpectedly. Although regular holesaws may do the job, cutting thicker materials, such as steel, can cause the tool to become hot, which quickly increases the wear on the cutting surface and product life will be significantly reduced. The 8% Cobalt of DART’s Premium Holesaw avoids this very effectively, as the added cobalt absorbs and distributes the heat, extending the product life considerably.

What’s more –the DART holesaw range is enviable with one of the largest choices of sizes in the industry –starting at 14mm and going up to as large as 210mm –there are a total of 65 different holesaw sizes –to cater for every hole-cutting requirement!

The DART promise is quality, but the twist is that you can be guaranteed a quality product at a much more affordable price than other leading brands. This coupled with a sale or return policy on all DART products, next day delivery and outstanding customer service –it’s an easy decision to make for any tool distributor –you can be sure you are dealing with a company whichis a ‘cut above the rest’.