A Truly Unique, Problem Solving Product from Dart



Have you ever been up a ladder trying to access an awkward, overhead position where you need to screw something in place – only to find you keep dropping the screws, or can’t access the area accurately while trying to hold the drill, the screw, and stay up the ladder without falling off?

Well, the Premium Double Magnetic Holder from DART is a truly unique product that can solve these problems effortlessly.

This exceptional device is a must-have addition to any toolbox for all trades as it enables accurate fixing in overhead or awkward positions without the need for pre-drilling. The surface of the screw head is held on by an additional ultra-strong, powerful rare earth magnet allowing for vertical or horizontal screwing without slippage. The Double Magnetic Bit Holder allows precision screwing with a single handed operation, so saves a lot of time (and the need to go up and down a ladder in search for dropped screws!)

The in-built spring allows for countersinking and the device is also suitable for use with all 25mm driver bits. The bits retract within the mechanism allowing the screw to magnetically attach to the end of the holder. Last but certainly not least, this is a genuine German made product – meaning it is top grade quality – you can’t fail to love it.