Have you got the missing 'Bit'?



DART’S Premium Impact Driver Bits are really making their mark in the industry as wholesalers and end users are realising the true benefit of them. At an incredibly competitive price, they offer amazing quality and durability, and are extremely tough and impact resistant. They are specially designed for use with impact drivers and have a Magnesium Phosphate coating which gives them their excellent wear resistance. Feedback which comes in repeatedly is that they offer a very tight fit with the screw, which enables increased accuracy for the tradesman.

The following genuine quote from an end-user says it all.

‘I bought some DART PZ3 bits as an add-on item from Amazon and didn’t expect much for the price – how wrong was I? Best bits I’ve had and use them every day with the impact driver and they last much longer than any others I’ve tried. Only problem is the other guys on site keep asking for one when they break theirs!’


So have you tried DART’s Impact Bits? Perhaps you haven’t found the ‘Missing Bit’?!

All impact driver bits are ¼” Hexagon Drive and available in 25mm and 50mm. Great sets are also available. See https://www.darttoolgroup.com/driver-bits/impact-driver-bits to see the extensive range of sizes.