DART’s Angle Driver


1In many drill driver kits these days an angle driver head will be included. Belatedly, in some cases, we have woken up to the fact that not all screwdriving is a simple straight line function. Sometimes we have to work at very odd angles, around corners and in tight spaces and the angle driver, in many cases, allows us to do just that.

So the market was crying out for a well made angle driver that could be simply mounted in a standard chuck. DART Tool Group, masters at sourcing extremely good quality power tool accessories, stepped in, and so popular has its angle driver been, that it won the Innovation Award at the Torque Expo Show in October 2016. It was chosen by the visitors – who represent a wide range of trades and businesses in the fasteners and fixings industry.  

What the voters could clearly see was that the angle driver is very well engineered and its angle gearing works smoothly – so it is a high quality 90 (degree) extension to the normal Driver Chuck.

Close examination of the driver will reveal that it is satisfyingly heavy, making it robust enough to withstand trade use.

The outer casing of cast alloy has been well finished and is smooth to the touch. To mount it up for work, all the user has to do is attach the hex end of the driver to a chuck (it could also be one of those chucks mounted on a flexible drive cable) and find the angle that they want to drive at before tightening it.


Again, the hex end is strong and capable of delivering the maximum 57Nm of torque that can be put through the gearing (that’s a full 10Nm stronger than another leading brand).

At the driver end is a small spring-collared and magnetic bit holder. Since this is a standard fitting there is no reason why the user couldn’t customise usage by mounting drill bits from one of the comprehensive hex bit sets available from many manufacturers.

The brilliant aspect of this product is the small handle attached to the driver. This is adjustable into three positions, so that the user can maximise its potential and a really nice touch is that the top of the handle can be unscrewed revealing a compartment just big enough for a spare driver bit – how often do you need one of those!

The angle driver can be used at speeds up to 2000 rpm even though screwdriving will be done at much slower speeds – but it allows the option of using drills and even small cutters and burrs mounted on a hex shank.

This product, in the words of a customer ‘has enabled me to screw or drill in that impossibly tight position – where no other could. It has saved me from failure many times’