Worker Safety ID-02(G) - in eight European languages


Worker Safety ID-02(G) - in eight European languages 

Vital ID

Seconds count when responding to an accident or illness. Worker ID offers fast and secure access to a person’s medical and contact information. Information that an individual may not feel comfortable sharing with his or her employer or some company database.

The WSID-02(G) uses symbols and instructions in eight European languages so it is suitable for multi-national teams. 

Vital ID

The SOS message on a high-visibility orange background makes it conspicuous in demanding work environments.

With the ID tag’s security seal, workers can be sure their personal information remains secure. It’s simple to use.  And all for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Paramedics can quickly see:

Emergency contact names and numbers

Medical history


Medical insurance

Interested?  Contact Treive Nicholas (tnicholas@vitalid.com) 0787 238 5528. www.vitalid.com