Grässlin presents new time and temperature control products for heating and hot water



Installation-friendly solutions for the heating and sanitary business

Concentrated electrical installation presents a comprehensive new range of devices for time and temperature control. It extends and deepens the existing Grässlin portfolio in this area through its intelligent, energy-saving and user-related range of timers and thermostats as well as additional products for specialists for heating systems. 

The product portfolio has been split into three segments and the accessories section on the basis of use and customer benefit. thermioTM comprises timers, thermioTM essential comprises temperature control, and thermioTM comfort combines time and temperature control. The thermioTM product line ranges from simple controllers to ones that can be programmed via an app via Bluetooth. The highlight of the overall program is the thermioTM comfort feeling D201 with OT interface for modulating interactive time and temperature control. Grässlin’s accessory range is aimed directly at specialists for heating systems. It contains products that make their work considerably easier, for example a water preparation package.

thermioTM eco heating time switches for simultaneous or individual control of heating and hot water

The thermioTM eco product range comprises multi-rate timers, countdown timers, immersion heater timers and universal timers. Highlight of the series: digitally programmable timers that allow temperature control as well as time control. Thanks to the integrated temperature control and frost protection function, no additional room thermostat is required for central heating control. The large back-lit display makes it easy to program and read. Individual programs can be set up for 7 days, 2/5 days or 24 hours. They are saved and continue to be available even after a power failure. The boost function allows hot water to be provided quickly and as needed. Three versions are available: C1, C2 and C3 (single channel, dual channel and three channel version), so there is always an optimal choice for the simultaneous control of heating and hot water and for individual control in one or two zones.


thermioTM essential - temperature control from wired to digital and radio to smart

When it comes to thermostats and room thermostats, Grässlin once again offers a wide product range, allowing the most economical and technically suitable solution to be selected in every case. The top product in this segment is the thermioTM essential smart, a digital room thermostat of ErP class IV listed by the energy saving trust. It can be programmed conveniently and time-efficiently via a free app. The temperature profiles and schedules previously created on a mobile device can be transmitted and adjusted quickly and conveniently on site via Bluetooth. Any changes to the times or rooms used can therefore be incorporated immediately and without intervention in the installation. Control accuracy and automatic lowering reduce heating costs. Safety features include the frost protection function, which prevents the pipes from freezing even when they are switched off, a child-proof lock, a security mechanism to prevent unauthorised operation in public spaces, and manipulation protection through PIN code entry. The battery level is monitored, and necessary battery changes are displayed.

thermioTM comfort – needs-based and extremely convenient room temperature control for the private and commercial sectors

Actually the thermioTM essential smart with its combination of time and temperature control should be part of the comfort series. But thermioTM comfort devices offer quite a lot more. This is particularly true for the feeling D201 with OpenTherm interface. The modulating control enables fast, need-based and energy-saving individual room control and flow optimisation, and to domestic water heating with Legionella protection. The device is equipped with external inputs that can be used to connect motion or presence detectors, temperature sensors, window contacts and similar. This equipment raises the ErP class IV of the feeling D201 OT up to class VI. If a telephone remote switch is connected, the room thermostat can even be remotely controlled via a call or text message.

The accessories – simplifying the work of specialists for heating systems

To round off its new program for specialists for heating systems, Grässlin offers a range of selected accessories. That includes, for example, motorised 2-way and 3-way zone valves. They have a replaceable motor head, so the motor can be replaced if necessary without the additional effort of draining, cleaning and inhibiting the heating water. Grässlin has created a package for water treatment that contains all necessary components: a 22 mm magnetic filter, WRAS-certified descaling agent for process water, a cleaner, an inhibitor and hardness test strips. This “ComPack” set meets the requirements of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide and the series of standards VDI 2035 “Prevention of damage in water heating installations 2035, sheet 1”.