Smart Meter Launch



HellermannTyton has launched three new products to aid installers when fitting the new smart meters into all UK homes.

The first two products – smart meter cable clips and collars – have been exclusively designed for the Government’s smart meter rollout and provide electrical installers with a cable clip that houses in-built revenue protection, as well as moulded identification.

The cable collar is pushed onto the pre-stripped cable and joined by the clip which helps grip the cable when fastened to the smart meter. The inclusion of moulded identification and in-built revenue protection provides installers with three solutions in one product, meaning additional materials, such as thimbles and labels, aren’t required.

SmartMeter    SmartMeter

HellermannTyton has also introduced its innovative CORE tool to market. Available for 16mm and 25mm cables, the CORE tool strips cables at the precise length for smart meter installation, saving time and money and eliminating unnecessary waste. It also safely collects cable offcuts meaning no waste is left behind after the work is completed, providing an easy and compliant installation.

The launch of the three new products comes at a critical time for the smart meter rollout. The products will help installers carry out their work with ease and they remove the need for additional identification materials and thimbles, providing a secure installation for the homeowner.”

The smart meter rollout is well underway, as the Government hopes all UK homes will have had the option to have completed the installation by 2020.

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