PremaLine®. Nothing’s boring about Fern-Howard’s new high quality LED batten


Fern Howard

It’s the industry’s workhorse with millions installed in factories, schools and just about anywhere else you care to mention - so is there really a better batten out there? Are there improvements to be made?

Fern-Howard think there are. Their new PremaLine® high quality LED batten range has a professional steel body that’s more rigid than plastic, lasts longer, and has better thermal management. There’s also a Polycarbonate diffuser matched to a contemporary design built from high-quality lasting material – all to be expected from Fern-Howard.

No surprise either is Fern-Howard’s use of LED to give uniform light - and directing that light where it is needed – minimal waste that makes these fittings super energy efficient. There’s the same attention to detail when it comes to installation too, screw directly into the wall or ceiling, clip in the LED tray and diffuser and the job’s done.

Fern HowardIntegrated Emergency or Microsensor options are available, and PremaLine® is super-efficient with at least 44% energy & CO2 emissions savings compared to fluorescent - and a long 50,000 hours lifespan.

All part of Fern-Howard’s expanding range, and the second addition to the Prema series, following the launch of the weatherproof PremaLink® system,

PremaLine® is available in single or twin and in four different lengths.

And that makes them perfect when those old T8 and T12 fluorescent luminaires simply have to go.