New range of Emergency Luminaires added to Fern-Howard’s range



Leading UK lighting manufacturer Fern-Howard continues to expand with the recent addition of Exodus - a range of LED Emergency luminaires - to its product portfolio.

Combining high performance with contractor friendly features, there are four Emergency fittings in the new Exodus range:

• A weather-proof, robust LED Bulkhead that can be installed as 3 hour maintained or non-maintained;

• An easy-to-fit recessed Emergency Spotlight;

• A double-sided exit sign with interchangeable legends

• A durable, IP65 rated Twin Spot

Just as you would expect from Fern-Howard, all are competitively priced, and all are robust and reliable. As LED fittings, they offer zero maintenance, come with a three-year warranty and are suitable for a wide range of maintained or non-maintained installations.

The new Exodus range can be used together with other Fern-Howard fittings such as bulkheads, linear or ceiling panels – all of which are available with Emergency function. This allows installers to fully cover emergency lighting needs for different projects using Fern-Howard fittings.