From “The Den” to Developments


After appearing successfully on Dragons Den in 2015 & gaining investment from Deborah Meaden, Syncbox is being implemented into some of the UK’s largest housing developers as standard. 

Founders Steve Noyes & Duncan Summers decided to take the product onto popular TV show, Dragons’ Den. They knew they had invented a product with bags of potential, it was just a matter of exposing it to the world. Noyes & Summers thought they’d try their luck & fill in the application form for Dragons’ Den. Both didn’t expect to hear anything back however not long after, they had been accepted to appear on the show in 2015 & everything started to become a reality. Steve & Duncan knew they only had one chance at this so preparation began promptly. The decision to go on Dragons’ Den transformed the business as it was exposed to millions of people & attracted a number of different markets including the housing market where it has proved to be a very welcomed addition. 

Syncbox proved to be a hit on the show which lead to two Dragons battling it out to become an investor in the business. Sarah Willingham & Deborah Meaden both put offers on the table however the two founders of Syncbox chose Deborah because of the vast experience she has in this industry. The investment was £50,000 which allowed Syncbox to get the push it needed to progress & grow. Additional investment into Syncbox has been made since the show which has taken the business to new heights.

Syncbox have gone from strength to strength since appearing on the show by going from a one product solution to a complete wiring system build. This step has proved to be popular amongst the UK’s largest & most prestigious housing developers like Berkeley Homes, Crest Nicholson & Redrow.

Getting into the housing market wasn’t easy however Duncan & Steve were determined & believed in the product they were selling. Plenty of meetings & presentations took place to try and introduce Syncbox to various developers. The benefits of Syncbox started to shine through & the developers were starting to see how it could improve their houses in terms of cost, time & making them look aesthetically better.

Syncbox’s versatility was the aspect that got the developers attention.  Being able to design the system to their own unique requirements was the stand out factor for the housing developers. The likes of Berkeley Homes & Crest Nicholson were impressed at how simple it was to create their unique system. All it required was for the developer to say what they would like to use & for Syncbox to go away & convert it into a Syncbox solution. A professionally produced drawing with Syncbox implemented into the development is then sent to the developer for approval.

Syncbox is now being included in a majority of the UK’s largest housing developer’s architect’s drawings as standard. Syncbox being written into the drawings was absolutely crucial in order to get repeat & ongoing orders in large quantity.   

Syncbox was specifically designed to be more cost effective & save time during installs, to prove this we produced a Value Engineering Report. This was presented to a number of Technical Directors, Architects and M&E consultants. They approved what was being shown and couldn’t wait to start using it in their upcoming installs. Syncbox is completely unique so it is vital that we demonstrate the benefits from a financial perspective. It is estimated that there will be a 27% cost saving when comparing it to the traditional system currently being installed throughout the UK.

A number of the top housing developers are now implementing Syncbox into their new developments as standard which is a huge milestone in the growth of Syncbox.

A large number of companies around the world are now wanting to become distributors of the product. Syncbox is currently available in 14 countries world-wide & are looking to branch out even further.

Global £600m organisation “DETA Electrical” approach Syncbox.  

A very recent indicator of the rise of Syncbox was the approach from a £600m global company DETA Electrical who have made enquiries to become a possible buyer. This was due to customers constantly asking if DETA stocked Syncbox. It soon got to the point where DETA had to do something about it & decided to make an offer to buy the business where discussions are still ongoing.

Syncbox’s backer & successful business owner Deborah Meaden believes this product has the potential to change the electrical, AV & housing market for the better. Syncbox is sold by the thousands monthly with the electrical industry now starting to use it with every install.

Syncbox have recently produced install demonstration videos for solid and dry wall installations to show how simple and easy the process is. The videos are a clear step by step guide on how to implement Syncbox effectively, taking no time at all. You can find these on our YouTube channel, just simply search “Syncbox”.

Syncbox is the world’s only universally adaptable, recessed & covered advanced wiring system for TV, Media, Audio & Power.

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