New LEDIT-B100™ Dimmer, 2-Way Switching wisdom from Hamilton



Hamilton Litestat has launched a new 2-Way LED dimmer, designed to be compatible with a wider range of mains dimmable lamp and luminaire brands. Hence, silent and flicker-free in operation, the LEDIT-B100™ is the perfect retrofit replacement when used with a standard 2-way Rocker Switch - ideal for applications such as larger rooms with two entrances/exits or on stairway lighting. A third intermediate switch for extra control can be accommodated for long hallways and corridors.

LEDIT-B100™ comes pre-set to ‘Trailing-Edge’ as standard but the dimming mode can be manually set for ‘Leading-Edge’ control when necessary, and allows the minimum setting to be adjusted. If the circuit contains a mixture of both Trailing and Leading-Edge LEDs, the dimming mode can be fine-tuned to deliver a smooth operation and maximum performance.

LEDIT-B100 ™ is based on Hamilton’s proven ‘intelligent’ LEDstat dimmer technology, which received ‘Highly commended’ status at the 2014 LUX Awards.

Gavin Williams, Hamilton Litestat’s Marketing Manager says: “We developed the LEDstat in response to the common issue of compatibility between branded LED lamps and conventional dimmers. The LEDIT-B100™ is the next stage in development, allowing the user to switch the same LEDs from 2 or more switch locations.”

The LEDIT-B100’s soft start feature helps extend lamp life. However, due to varying lamp inrush currents, Hamilton recommends a combined multi-lamp load of no more than 100W per dimmer.

The LEDIT-B100™ is available in Hamilton’s wide range of stylish plate designs and finishes to coordinate with existing interior themes.

Other benefits include:

·         The grid module will retrofit many leading-brand grid systems already installed.

·         Optional small or large control knob

·         Silent operation

·         Compatible with most branded dimmable lamps

·         Flicker-free operation

·         White & Black inserts available

·         Minimum level preset

·         Fits 35mm deep wall box