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AQ0201 Element, for 10/15Ltr Water Heater
AQ0202 Thermostat
AQ0203 Element, for 5Ltr Water Heater
AQ0204 Cut Out, Resettable
AQ0205 Control Knob, Temperature
AQ0208/M Anode, Sacrificial
AQ0209 Loom, Internal Wiring
AQ0217 Screw, Fixing Pack
AQ0226 Neon
AQ0262 Element, for 30Ltr Water Heater
AQ0301 Element 1000W
AQ0302 Gasket
AQ0303 Lens, Neon
AQ0305 Fuse, Thermal
AQ0306 Anode, Sacrificial for 50Ltr
AQ0307 Anode, Sacrificial for 80 & 100Ltr
AQ0308 Indicator, Neon Light
AQ0309 Control Knob
AQ0311 Indicator, Temperature
AQ0312 Flange, Element for 50 80 & 100Ltrs
AQ0313 Holder, Screw
AQ0314 Gasket, Anode
AQ0315 Bush, Insulating
AQ0316 Panel, Control
AQ0317 Valve, Temperature & Pressure Relief
AQ0318 Element 600W
AQ0319 Thermostat
AQ0320 Anode, Sacrificial for 30Ltr
AQ0322 Flange, Element for 30Ltrs
AQ0330 Element
AQ0331 Gasket
AQ0332 Lens
AQ0333 Thermostat
AQ0334 Cut Out, Resettable
AQ0335 Anode, Sacrificial for 10 & 15Ltr
AQ0336 Indicator, Light
AQ0337 Control Knob, c/w Spring
AQ0338 Flange, Heating
AQ0339 Wire, Earthing c/w Resistor
AQ0344 Cover, Back for 10Ltr Water Heater
AQ0345 Gasket, Anode
AQ0346 Bush, Insulating
AQ0347 Anode, Sacrificial for 5Ltr
CT0101/3 Cover, Back for 5Ltr Water Heater
CT0103/3 Cover, Front for 5Ltr Water Heater
CT0104/4 Cover, Front for Tudor P4/102
CT0104/4UB Cover, Front for Tudor
CT0105/4 Cover, Front for Contract
CT0106/3 Control Knob, c/w Spring
CT0111/4 Element, Heating
CT0112/3 Element, Heating 5Ltr 2kW
CT0113/3 Element, Heating 10Ltr 2kW
CT0115/4 Nut, Retaining
CT0116/3 Gasket, Element
CT0116/4 Gasket
CT0120 Fuse, Thermal for Contract
CT0121/4 Cut Out, Re-settable for Tudor
CT0129/4 Indicator, Light
CT0131 Lens, Blank for Contract
CT0137 Spout, Outlet 350mm
EXP0921 Valve, Expansion Relief
EXP0926 Expansion Vessel 8Ltr
EXP0927 Expansion Vessel 18Ltr
EXP0928 Expansion Vessel 24Ltr
EXP0929 Manifold, Relief
More Information Available
Filter, In Line Scale Inhibitor
More Information Available
Filter, In Line Scale Inhibitor
FL2300 Filter Cartridge, Limescale Light Commercial Use
FL2300G4KIT Filter Cartridge, G4 Limescale c/w Installation Kit, Light Commercial Use
FL3600 Filter Cartridge, Limescale Normal Commercial Use
FL3600G4KIT Filter Cartridge, G4 Limescale c/w Installation Kit, Normal Commercial Use
FL6000G4KIT Filter Cartridge, G4 Limescale c/w Installation Kit, Heavy Commercial Use
FL6000PLUS Filter Cartridge, Limescale Heavy Commercial Use
More Information Available
Block, Water Shut Down System
IN80080 Sieve, Filter
IN80327 Element, Heating Spirals for ES3 & ES6
IN80352 Fixing Kit, inc Wall Bracket Screws & Plugs
IN80353 Spare Parts Kit, Seals & Nozzle for Cable Entry
IN80372 Screw, Flow Adjustment c/w Seal for ES3
IN80427 Cut Out, Safety Thermal, inc Exchange Instruction & Seals
IN80689 Bracket, Wall w/o Fixing Kit
IN80750 Connection Kit, Water inc 2 Connections & Seals
IN80902 Wall Bracket
IN80904 Cartridge, Heating ES4
IN80909 Connection Set, Water
IN80911 Limiter, Safety Temperature ES3
IN80912 Limiter, Safety Temperature ES4 & ES6
IN80916 Cartridge, Heating ES3
IN80917 Cartridge, Heating ES6
IN80919 Cover, Front
IN81320 Cut Out, ILX012 Safety Thermal
IN82162 Filter, Fine
IN82180 Seal, Cable
IN82246 Non Return Valve
IN82512 Sensor Kit, Temperature
IN82526 Sensor Kit, Flow, for InLine DEX/DBX
IN82550 Panel, Control DEX & DEX12
IN82726 PCB, for DEX12
IN82728 Service Kit, c/w Element & Safety Switch, DEX12
IN82802 Pipe, Inlet
IN82810 Element, Heating c/w STDB
IN82811 PCB, Main
IN82812 Panel, Control for CEX-U
IN82813 Connector, Water 1/2in
IN82816 Panel, Control for CEX-O
IN82819 Sensor, Flow
IN83118 Service Kit, c/w Element/Safety Switch & PCB, DBX18
IN83121 Service Kit, c/w Element/Safety Switch & PCB, DBX21
IN83125 Service Kit, c/w Element/Safety Switch & PCB, DBX24
IN83127 Service Kit, c/w Element/Safety Switch & PCB, DBX27
IN83227 Service Kit, c/w Element/Safety Switch & PCB, DEX
IN86020 Connector, Set c/w Cable Seals & Screws
IN86072 Sensor, Temperature
IN86229 Screw, Flow Adjustment c/w Fine Filter
IN86230 Cartridge, ILX012 Heating
IN86240 Display Panel
IN86250 Terminal Block
IN86255 Terminal, ILX006/009 3P Connecting
IN86260 PCB, ILX012 Main
IN86270 Sensor, Flow
IN86280 Inlet, Cold Water
IN86560 Valve, Integrated Filter
IN86792 Spare Parts Kit, c/w Seals Screws & Micro Switch
IN86809 Element, ILX009 Tubular Heating
IN86820 Cut Out, ILX006/009 Safety Thermal
IN86836 PCB, ILX006 Main
IN86839 PCB, ILX009 Main
IN86856 Element, ILX006 Tubular Heating
IN89108 Limiter, Flow for DEX12
IN89109 Limiter, Flow for DBX27
IN89110 Limiter, Flow for DBX21 & DBX24/DEX
IN89111 Limiter, Flow for DBX18
IN89588 Cover, Front for CEX-O
IN89589 Cover, Front for CEX-U
IN95622 Cover, Front
JG100 Fitting, JG Boiling Only
JG125 Fitting, JG Boiling & Chilled
RC0400 Element, c/w Gasket & Plug-in Thermostats 3kW
RC0400/2 Element, c/w Gasket & Plug-in Thermostats 2kW
RC0400/6 Element, c/w Gasket & Plug-in Thermostats 6kW
RC0403 Thermostat, Control
RC0404 Thermostat, Resettable
RC0405 Gasket, Element
RC0406 Thermostat, Combined Cut Out
RC0410 Ball Valve
RC0411 Float
SA20001 Inlet, Cold Water
SA20002 Tundish 15x22mm
SA20003 Valve, Temperature & Pressure Relief
SA20004 Expansion Vessel, c/w Bracket 12Ltr
SA20005 Expansion Vessel, c/w Bracket 18Ltr
SA20006 Expansion Vessel, c/w Bracket 24Ltr
SA20007 Immersion Heater 3kW
SA20008 Thermostat, Dual
SA20009 Hose, Expansion Vessel 500mm
SA20010 Bracket, Expansion Vessel
SA20011 Valve, 2 Port
SA20012 Wiring Centre
SA33100 Cover, Electric
SA70062 Immersion Heater
SA77112 Feet, Set of
SA79918 Thermostat, Secondary Cylinder
SA79919 Thermostat, Primary Cylinder
SC0119 Float Valve, Assembly for Chilltower
SC1108 Tap, for Chilltower White
SC1121 Tap, for Chilltower Blue
SC1531 Lid, for Chilltower
SC1549 Drip Tray, for Chilltower
SC2023 Compressor, for Chilltower
SC3111 Washer, Tap for Chilltower
SC4009 Thermostat, for Chilltower
SP1614T Cut Out, Thermal for Hydroboil Models 10-50 Ltr
SP3659 Regulator, Water Caraffe
SP3947A Thermostat, Kit HG2050
SP6245 Clamp, Kit Cistern for 10-40 Litres
SP6590 Contactor, HG2050
SP7036 Thermostat, for Chillmaster
SP80168 Handle, Carafe Fill
SP80563 Element, Kit 1.5kW 110V
360 Degrees Animation Available
Filler, Carafe
SP81230 Flow Restrictor, for Hydroboil Models
SP87674 Kit, Filtration for CH103 & CH104
SP87675 Kit, Filtration for CH102
SP88264 Tank, Main 5Ltr
SP88296 Tank, Cistern 1.5-7.5Ltr
SP88318 Tank, Cistern 10-40Ltr
SP88343 Tank, Inner for HS010
SP88344 Tank, Inner for HS015
SP88345 Tank, Inner for HS025
SP88346 Tank, Inner for HS040
SP88360 Housing, Filter
SP88375 Non Return Valve, for Boiling Only Models Brass
SP88381 Tank, Main 7Ltr
SP88394 Tank, Main 3Ltr
SP88395 Tank, Main 1.5Ltr
SP88453 Tank, Hot Lid & Gasket Only, for Boiling/Chilled Models 3Ltre
SP88454 Tank, Hot Lid & Gasket Only, for Boiling/Chilled Models 5Ltr
SP88478 Tank, Main 3Ltr
SP88479 Tank, Main 5Ltr
SP88480 Tank, Main 7Ltr
SP88482 Tank, HydroTap Complete, c/w Pump & Probes 3Ltr
SP88483 Tank, HydroTap Complete B150F, c/w Pump & Probes 5Ltre
SP88490 Kit, Grommet Seal Mid Tank
SP88501 Tank, HydroTap Complete B160F, c/w Pump & Probes 3Ltre
SP88502 Tank, HydroTap Complete B2050F, c/w Pump & Probes 5Ltre
SP88503 Tank, HydroTap Complete, c/w Pump & Probes
SP88504 Tank, HydroTap Complete, c/w Pump & Probes
SP88510 Venturi, for 3/4-1in Hydro Tap
SP88513 Tank, HydroTap Complete, c/w Pump & Probes
SP88514 Tank, HydroTap Complete, c/w Pump & Probes
SP90020 Capacitor, Kit for BC150/175
SP90021 Compressor, Spare
SP90023 Compressor, Kit for BC150/175
SP90024 Compressor, Relay Kit for BC150/175
SP90026 Extension Piece, Tap Font
SP90045 Element, Kit 1500W 3Ltr
SP90056 Hose, Inlet Kit
SP90069 Valve, Jumper Kit c/w Seals
SP90081 Thermostat, Kit 1.5-25Ltr
SP90083 Float Valve, Kit c/w Float
SP90085 Element, Kit 2400W 5-7.5Ltr
SP90092 Relay, Spare Compressor
SP90102 Float, Kit Cistern c/w Nut & Screw
SP90107 Filter, Kit Cold Inlet Bush
SP90110 Light, Fascia Kit
SP90120 Gasket, Kit Cistern for 10-40 Litres
SP90127 Relay, Overload Kit
SP90130 Clip, Lid
SP90131 Lid, Hot Tank & Gasket, for 1.5 & 3.0Ltr
SP90132 Lid, Hot Tank & Gasket, for 5 & 7.5Ltr
SP90135 Lid, Gasket & Clips 3Ltr
SP90136 Lid, Gasket & Clips 5Ltr
SP90175 Drain Plug, Kit
SP90185 Sensor Kit, Loom Level
SP90186 Relay, Loom Overload Kit
SP90187 Loom, Compressor to Fan Kit
SP90188 Solenoid, Loom Kit
SP90189 Sensor Kit, Loom Hot Level
SP90190 Loom, Main Gland PCB to Tap
SP90213 Lid, Gasket & Clips 7.5Ltr
SP90437 Capacitor, Kit for BC100/125
SP90485 Element, Kit 1.5kW 240V
SP90486 Element, Kit 2.4kW 240V
SP90487 Clamp, Kit Cistern Lid
SP90488 Gasket, Kit Cistern Lid
SP90490 Gasket, Kit
SP90491 Cover, Kit Cleaning Hole
SP90492 Cap, Drain & Seal Kit
SP90493 Tube, Transfer Kit 1.5kW
SP90494 Tube, Transfer Kit 2.4kW
SP90495 Screw, Banjo
SP90496 O Ring, Kit
SP90501 Tap, Top Kit
SP90503 Strap, Key Kit 1.5-3Ltr
SP90504 Strap, Key Kit 5 7.5Ltr
SP90505 Nut, Tap Kit
SP90506 Extension, Tap
SP90509 Body, Tap Kit
SP90510 Nozzle, Outlet Kit White
SP90512 Escutcheon Plate
SP90517 Fascia, Lens Kit
SP90522 Nozzle, Cistern Jet Kit
SP90530 Element, Kit 3.0kW 240V
SP90531 Tube, Transfer Kit 3kW
SP90557 Fascia, Lens Kit White
SP90558 Fascia, Lens Kit Stainless Steel
SP90559 Handle, Tap Kit White
SP90560 Handle, Tap Kit Stainless Steel
SP90562 Nozzle, Outlet Kit Stainless Steel
SP90575 Sensor Kit, Level 3Ltr
SP90576 Sensor Kit, Level 5Ltr
SP90577 Sensor Kit, Level 7.5Ltr
SP90578 Solenoid, Assembly
SP90579 Relay, Overload Kit
SP90580 Gasket, Tank Kit 3Ltr
SP90581 Gasket, Tank Kit 5 & 7.5Ltr
SP90583 Element, Kit 3Ltr
SP90584 Element, Kit 5Ltr
SP90585 Element, Kit 7.5Ltr
SP90586 PCB, Kit
SP90587 Probe, Temperature
SP90588 Elbow Silicon
SP90591 Light Kit, PCB
SP90613 Plumbing Kit, c/w Fittings
SP90614 Solenoid, Safety Kit
SP90615 Solenoid, Double Kit
SP90616 Elbow, Kit inc Gasket for BC100/125
SP90617 Elbow, Kit inc Gasket for BC150/175
SP90618 Element 1.5kW
SP90619 Element 1.8kW
SP90620 Probe, Sensor
SP90622 PCB, Kit
SP90623 Transformer, Kit
SP90624 Sensor Kit, Leak
SP90625 Panel, Control Kit
SP90626 Filter, Dryer Kit c/w Nut & Tube
SP90627 Sensor Kit, Level Cold Tank for BC150/175
SP90628 Stop Valve, c/w John Guest Fitting Kit
SP90629 Sensor Kit, Hot Level for BC100/125
SP90630 Sensor Kit, Hot Level for BC150/175
SP90631 Elbow, Kit inc Gasket
SP90632 Evaporator, Kit for BC100/125
SP90633 Probe, Sensor Kit Cold
SP90634 Pump, Kit Cold
SP90635 Sensor Kit, Level Cold Tank for BC100/125
SP90636 Compressor, Relay Kit for BC100/125
SP90637 Compressor, Kit for BC100/125
SP90639 Motor, Fan Kit for BC100/125
SP90640 Motor, Fan Kit for BC150/175
SP90641 Evaporator, Kit for BC150/175
SP90645 Tap, Hot c/w PCB & Loom
SP90647 Spring, Hub
SP90651 Fan, Auxilliary c/w DIN Plug Kit
SP90652 Transformer, Kit Auxiliary Fan
SP90656 Plumbing Kit, c/w Fitting Kit, for Boiling Only Models
SP90657 Solenoid, Single Kit 240V
SP90658 Accessory Kit, Gasket & Elbows 3 Litre
SP90660 Dryer, Spare Filter
SP90661 Relay, Loom Solenoid Kit, for Boiling Only Models
SP90666 PCB, Kit, for Boiling Only Models 10A
SP90675 Lever, Set of Oversize, for Boiling & Chilled Taps
SP90679 Lever, Set of Oversize, for Boiling & Taps
SP90692 Tank, Hot Complete 100/125
SP90693 Tank, Hot Complete 150/175
SP90732 Handle, Tap Kit
SP90742 Fascia, Assembly Grey
SP90743 Fascia, Lens Kit
SP90744 PCB, Kit
SP90745 Nozzle, Outlet Kit
SP90752 Condenser, Fan, Chiller Part
SP90790 Pump, Hop 12V
SP90791 Transformer, Hop Pump 12V
SP90797 Kit, Pocket NTC 3Ltr
SP90846 Nut, Solenoid, for Boiling Only Models Plastic
SP90872 Tank 3Ltr
SP90873 Tank 5Ltr
SP90907 Gasket, Cistern Lid
SP90946 Element 2.0kW
SP90947 Element 2.5kW
SP90948 Solenoid Valve, Hot BC200/175
SP90957 Level Kit, External HT Probe 5 Litre
SP90958 Level Kit, External HT Probe 3 Litre
SP91252 Solenoid, Safety Kit, for Boiling/Chilled Models
SP91254 Solenoid, Cold
SP91308 Dryer, Filter, Chiller Part
SP91309 Valve, CO2 Backcheck
SP91310 Assembly, CO2 Inlet Hose
SP91311 PCB, Sparkling, Chiller Part
SP91313 Thermostat, Sparkling, Chiller Part
SP91314 Pump, Sparkling, Chiller Part
SP91315 Regulator, Sparkling Water, Chiller Part
SP91316 Valve, Double Return, Chiller Part
SP91317 Reducer, DNR Valve, Chiller Part
SP91318 Flow Restrictor
SP91319 Compressor, Sparkling, Chiller Part
SP91325 Olive, CO2, Chiller Part
SP91326 Solenoid, Sparkling, Chiller Parts
SP91327 Solenoid, Chilled, Chiller Part
SP91339 Relay, c/w Kit, Chiller Part
SP91340 Capacitor, c/w Kit, Chiller Parts
SP91348 PCB, c/w Kit
SP91351 Filter, Head
SP91365 Plumbing Kit, Chiller Part
SP91367 Adaptor, CO2 Cylinder Regulator, to suit ZT400 Cylinders
SP91431 Accessory, Venturi
SP91432 Connector, Bypass
SP91433 Gasket, Set
SP91434 Lid, Hot Tank
SP91435 Sensor, Hot Safety Level
SP91437 Element, Spare 2kW
SP91438 Tank, Spare Hot
SP91440 Probe, Spare Hot Sensor
SP91441 Pump, Hot
SP91442 Cut Out, Spare Thermal
SP91443 Flow Meter, Spare
SP91446 Compressor, Spare
SP91449 Loom, Spare J1
SP91450 Loom, Spare Overload
SP91451 Cable, Spare Ribbon
SP91452 Wire, Spare Earth
SP91453 Loom, Spare J4
SP91454 Loom, Spare J2
SP91455 Loom, Spare J3
SP91457 Display, Spare LCD
SP91459 Screen, Spare Filter
SP91460 Condenser, Spare
SP91461 Fan, Spare
SP91466 Manifold, Spare
SP91467 Solenoid, Hot
SP91468 Diverting Valve
SP91469 Solenoid, Spare Cold
SP91470 Sensor, Cold Probe
SP91471 Sensor, Pocket Probe
SP91472 Sensor, Hot External Level
SP91473 Pump, Spare Stirrer
SP91474 Sensor, Leak
SP91476 Cover, Spare Front
SP91479 Lid, Spare Stirrer Pump
SP91480 Fittings Pack, Spare
SP91481 Solenoid, Safety
SP91482 Valve, Pressure Limiting
SP91483 Probe, Condenser Sensor
SP91484 Probe, Steam Sensor
SP91485 Solenoid, Spare Cold
SP91486 Solenoid, Spare Safety
SP91487 Bush, Spare Inlet
SP91488 Fittings Pack, Spare
SP91489 Loom, Spare J3
SP91490 Loom, Spare J4
SP91501 PCB, Spare
SP91502 Cable, Spare Ribbon
SP91503 Cover, Spare Front
SP91505 Duct, Spare Extract
SP91513 Relay, Spare Compressor
SP91514 Overload, Spare Compressor
SP91515 Capacitor, Spare Compressor
SP91575 Cover, Spare Front
SP92297 PCB, Kit for B200F, for Boiling Only Models 20A
SP92304 PCB, Kit 20A
SP92354 Handle, Short for All-in-One Mixer 50mm
SP93117 Nut, Solenoid, for Boiling Only Models Black
SP93119 Kit, Overload 2 Pole
SP93200 Baffle, Spare
SP93201 Clamp, Spare Ring
SP93202 Rod, Spare Level Sensor
SP93203 Lid, Spare Carbonator
SP93204 Seal, CO2 Pressure Relief
SP93205 Loom, Spare DIN Plug
SP93206 Fittings Pack, Spare
SP93207 Check Valve, Spare CO2
SP93208 Check Valve, Spare Single
SP93210 Solenoid, Spare Cold
SP93212 Pressure Reducing Valve, Spare
SP93213 Loom, Cold Tank Levels
SP93214 Loom, Spare J3
SP93215 Assembly, Spare JG
SP93219 Loom, Spare J1
SP93220 Loom, Spare J3
SP93221 Loom, Spare J4
SP93222 Fittings Pack, Spare
SP93228 Sensor, Hot Safety Level
SP93230 Switch, Spare Power
SP93231 Tank, Spare Hot
SP93232 Condenser, Spare
SP93233 Screen, Spare Filter
SP93234 Loom, Spare Overload
SP93236 Lid, Spare Hot Tank
SP93239 Pump, Spare Carbonator
SP93240 Kit, Silicone Gaskets
SP93250 Fittings Pack, Spare
SP99108 Filter, Head Kit
SP99142 Tap, Top Kit for BC
SP99183 Fan Blade, c/w Cowling
SP99269 Button, Safety
SP99279 Lever, Set of Oversize, for Chilled Taps
SP99910 Cover, Set of Braille, for Boiling & Chilled Levers
SP99911 Cover, Set of Braille, for Boiling Levers
SP99912 Cover, Set of Braille, for Chilled Levers
SQ94117 Valve, Pressure & Temperature Relief
SQ94118 Manifold, Inlet Kit
SQ94121 Tundish
VP0301 Element, for Overbasin Models 2.2kW
VP0302 Element, for Underbasin Models 2.2kW
VP0303 Thermostat
VP0304 Cut Out, Resettable
VP0317 Gasket, Element
VP0322 Bracket, Wall Fixing
VP0330 Element, Plate & Gasket
VP0331 Gasket
VP0332 Cut Out, Resettable
VP0333 Thermostat
VP0334 Lamp, Signal
XL0814/S Control Board
XL0816 Element
XL0817 Gasket, Element
XL0818/S Thermistor, Low Level Probe
XL0819/S Probe, High Level
XL0820/S Probe, High Level
XL0821 O Ring, Probe
XL0822 Solenoid Valve
XL0829 Cut Out, Resettable
ZB201 Wall Bracket, for Chilltower
More Information Available
Tap, Single for 10/15/25/40 Litre Heater, Excludes Taps
ZC200 Tap, Kit for 40/50 Litre SG Models
More Information Available
Dish, Waste Water
ZD200 Drip Tray, c/w Drain Stainless Steel
More Information Available
Dispenser, Cup
Stainless Steel
More Information Available
Dispenser, Cup
White Plastic
More Information Available
Stand, Counter Mounting, for HS001/202/302
ZE005 Dispenser, Cup Caddy White Stove Enamel
More Information Available
Stand, Counter Mounting, for Hydroboil
2 & 3Ltr
More Information Available
Stand, Counter Mounting, for Hydroboil
5 & 7.1/2Ltr
More Information Available
Stand, Counter Mounting, for Hydroboil
5 & 7.1/2Ltr
More Information Available
Rack, Cup
More Information Available
Rack, Mug for Hydroboil Plus Models
ZF004 Descaler, HS Series Kit
ZF005 Descaler, HG Kit 25/40Ltr
ZF010 Descaler, Fernox Material in Tub 2kg
ZG201 Filter, In-Line for Chillmaster (Per Pair)
ZG203 Filter, Chiltower
ZG500 Installation Kit, BREEAM
More Information Available
Bubbler, for Chillmaster
ZI002 Tap, Push Button Carafe for Chillmaster
ZL001 Piping Kit, In Line Under Counter
More Information Available
Nozzle, Male Threaded Taps Flow Rates 2.0l
22mm M22
More Information Available
Nozzle, Male Threaded Taps Flow Rates 2.0l
24mm M24
More Information Available
Nozzle, Male Threaded Taps Flow Rates 3.5l
22mm M22
More Information Available
Nozzle, Male Threaded Taps Flow Rates 3.5l
24mm M24
More Information Available
Nozzle, Male Threaded Taps Flow Rates 4.0l
22mm M22
More Information Available
Nozzle, Male Threaded Taps Flow Rates 4.0l
24mm M24
ZL009 Regulator, Jet ES3 & ES4
ZL010 Regulator, Jet ES6
ZL012 Aerator, Female Threaded 22mm 3.5l/min 5kW
ZL013 Aerator, Male Threaded 22mm 3.5l/min 5kW
ZL015 Insert, Aerator Tap 15mm
360 Degrees Animation Available
Tap, Cold for InLine Instantaneous
More Information Available
Wall Bracket, 3 & 5Ltr Hydroboil
More Information Available
Wall Bracket, 7.5 & 10Ltr Hydroboil
ZT402 Filter, Replacement 0.2 Micron, for G4 Models

Zip Water UK (Trading as Zip Heaters UK Ltd) is part of the global, Australian owned, company, Zip Industries Group. Created in Australia in 1965, it was established in the UK in 1991.

Headquartered in Norfolk and with a showroom and offices in Clerkenwell, London, Zip Water market their products into the commercial sector through Installers, Architects, FMs, Caterers, Large End Users, Government Bodies, Charities, Education Establishments, Hospitals and the MoD.

Zip have a major presence in the above sectors, with distribution through Electrical Wholesalers, Plumbers and Builders Merchants and Catering Wholesalers.

The product listing consists of an extended offer of water heaters, from point of use vented through an impressive range of unvented units to sophisticated, highly efficient electronic instantaneous.


However the main activity is centered around drinking water provision, with chillers and instant boiling water systems. Zip are world and UK leaders in this sector, providing on-wall and under-counter units. The Zip HydroTap brand is dominant in the commercial market with products that even provide Filtered Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling water from a single tap.

HydroTap Classic

Chill Fountain

Zip are committed to continuously developing their products, making them more effective, energy efficient and easier to use.

They also have a belief that an excellent after sales service creates on-going growth and a relationship with customers that drives the company forward. Zip’s in-house Technical Service and Training support teams offer informative advice, maintenance contracts an installation service and training programmes, covering the whole Zip range throughout the UK.

Hydroboil Plus