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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
0432620538 Cover, Jumper Bar ADVB2.5GELB c/w Marking, Facility 2.5mm2
0432621538 Cover, Jumper Bar ADVB4GELB c/w Marking, Facility 4mm2
0432622538 Cover, Jumper Bar ADVB6GELB c/w Marking, Facility 6mm2
0484190500 Strip, Marker 111 To 000 1 Set Indiv No., 10x25 Branches = 2500 Figures
0484191500 Strip, Marker AAA To ZZZ 1 Set Upper Case, 26x25 Branches = 6500 Letters
0485511530 Strip, Marker 9705A/5/10B For 5MM Pitch, 1 Box=25 Strips Strip=100 Tags
0485611530 Strip, Marker 9705A/6/10B For 6MM Pitch, 1 Box=25 Strips Strip=100 Tags
0485811530 Strip, Marker 9705A/8/10B For 8MM Pitch, 1 Box=25 Strips Strip=100 Tags
0731101530 Section, End AP2.5 & 4 1.5mmGrey
0731102530 Section, End AP6 1.5mmGrey
0731111530 Partition, TW2.5 & 4 1.5mmGrey
0731112530 Partition, TW6 1.5mmGrey
0731120538 Partition, Snap-In TS2.5GELB 2.5mm2Yellow
0731121538 Partition, Snap-In TS4GELB 4mm2Yellow
0731122538 Partition, Snap-In TS6GELB 6mm2Yellow
0731161530 Section, End AP4TK 1.5mm
0731166530 Section, End APN10 1.5mmGrey
0731167530 Section, End APN16 1.5mmGrey
0731176530 Partition, TWN10 1.5mmGrey
0731177530 Partition, TWN16 1.5mmGrey
0731178530 Partition, TWN35 1.5mmGrey
5740470530 Terminal, Double-Deck WK4E/U 4mm2Grey
5750300530 Terminal, Modular WK2.5/U 2.5mm2Grey
5750400530 Terminal, Modular WK4/U 4mm2Grey
5750420530 Terminal, Knife Disconnect WK4/TKM/U 4mm2Grey
5750450530 Terminal, Modular Duo WK4/D1/2U 4mm2Grey
5750451530 Terminal, Modular Duo WK4/D2/2U 4mm2Grey
5750452530 Terminal, Double-Deck WK4/DEU 4mm2Grey
5750490530 Terminal, Earth WK4SL/U c/w U Foot 4mm2Yellow/Green
5750492530 Terminal, Earth WK4ESL/U 4mm2Yellow/Green
5750600530 Terminal, Modular WK6/U 6mm2Grey
5750690530 Terminal, Earth WK6SL/U c/w U Foot 6mm2Yellow/Green
5751001530 Terminal, Modular WKN10/U 10mm2Grey
5751090530 Terminal, Earth WK10SL/U c/w U Foot 10mm2Yellow/Green
5751601530 Terminal, Modular WKN16/U 16mm2Grey
5751690530 Terminal, Earth WK16SL/U c/w U Foot 16mm2Yellow/Green
5753501530 Terminal, Modular WKN35/U 35mm2Grey
5757001530 Terminal, Modular WKN70/U 70mm2Grey
5790453530 Terminal, Lift-Top Fuse WK4/THSI5/U 4mm2Grey
5790463530 Terminal, Lift-Top Fuse WK4/THSI6.3/U 4mm2Grey
9819000000 Rail, Mounting TS32 G-Rail 9006 EN 50035, G-32 2m
9830000000 Rail, Mounting 35 35x27x7.5mm
9830010000 Rail, Mounting 2m
Z552285530 Clamp, End 9708/2S35 For TS35 8mm
Z552357530 Clamp, End WE1/U with U Foot 10mm
Z728000270 Bar, Jumper VBWK2.5M c/w Scews
Z728100270 Bar, Jumper VBWK4M c/w Scews 4mm2
Z728200270 Bar, Jumper VBWK6M c/w Scews 6mm2