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White Moulded Range Switches

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
D1000NR Plate Switch, 1 Gang Retractive Marked Bell 10AWhite
D1010NR Plate Switch, 1 Gang 1 Way 10AXWhite
D1013NR Plate Switch, TP Fan Isolator 6AWhite
D1020NR Plate Switch, 1 Gang 2 Way 10AXWhite
D1030NR Switch, 1 Gang Intermediate 10AXWhite
D1040NR Plate Switch, 2 Gang 2 Way 10AXWhite
D1050NR Plate Switch, 3 Gang 2 Way 10AXWhite
D1054NR Plate Switch, 4 Gang 2 Way 10AXWhite
D1400LEDPUNR Dimmer Switch, 1 Gang LED 86x86mmWhite
D1400PUNR Dimmer Switch, 1 Gang Push 400WWhite
D1402LEDPUNR Dimmer Switch, 2 Gang LED 86x86mmWhite
D1402PUNR Dimmer Switch, 2 Gang Push 400WWhite
DSCCNR Cover, Screw Cap (Pack of 20)


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A name synonymous with reliability and value. Committed to adding extra quality features and contemporary aesthetics to its designs, Volex has recently launched a new generation of products which provide the latest looks with the value for money and product features Volex customers expect