Unit B1 & B2 SG1 Industrial Park
Cockerell Close
Gunnels Wood Road
SG 1 2NB
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Fax fax: 01438 310699
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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
F0W600355000001 Cap, AGS Style W60 355.6mmGalvanised
F0W600355000002 Cap, AGS Style W60 355.6mmOrange Painted
F0W600406000001 Cap, AGS Style W60 406.4mmGalvanised
F0W600406000002 Cap, AGS Style W60 406.4mmOrange Painted
F0W600457000001 Cap, AGS Style W60 457.0mmGalvanised
F0W600457000002 Cap, AGS Style W60 457.0mmOrange Painted
F0W600508000001 Cap, AGS Style W60 508.0mmGalvanised
F0W600508000002 Cap, AGS Style W60 508.0mmOrange Painted
F0W600610000001 Cap, AGS Style W60 610.0mmGalvanised
F0W600610000002 Cap, AGS Style W60 610.0mmOrange Painted


Since 1919, Victaulic has been world's leading producer of grooved mechanical couplings and pipe-joining systems. Used in the most demanding markets, Victaulic innovative piping technologies put people to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency.The company has 15 major manufacturing facilities, 28 branches worldwide and over 3,600 employees who speak 43 languages across the globe.

With more than 900 active global patents, Victaulic solutions are at work in 115 countries across diverse business lines including oil and gas, chemical, mining, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, military and marine, as well as commercial building and fire protection.

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