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Flue Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
0020042748 Connector, Basic Set
0020042749 Support, Adjustable Wall
0020042751 Clamp, Fixing for Wall Connection
0020042752 Extension, Fixing Clamp
0020042753 Extension, Adjustable Flue 0.5m
0020042754 Extension, Adjustable Flue 1.0m
0020042755 Extension, Adjustable Flue 0.5m
0020042756 Elbow, 87Deg
0020042757 Elbow, 45Deg
0020042760 Collar, Rain
0020045709 Adaptor, Boiler to Trap 125mm
0020095540 Clamp, Pipe Stainless Steel
0020095544 Bend, Flue External 1 piece 45Deg 160/225mm
0020095549 Extension, Flue Internal 160x500mm
0020095550 Extension, Flue Internal 200mmx1m
0020095551 Extension, Flue Internal 200mmx2m
0020095553 Elbow, Flue Cascade 87Deg 200mm
0020095557 Elbow, Flue Cascade 45Deg 200mm
0020106376 Extension, Flue Concentric 0.5m
0020106377 Extension, Flue Concentric 1m
0020106378 Extension, Flue Concentric 2m
0020106379 Elbow, 45Deg
0020106380 Elbow, 87Deg
0020106381 Clip, Flue Support (Pack=5)
0020106396 Ceiling Plate, for Facade Flue 110mm
0020106400 Bracket, Wall Adjustable Facade 50-90mm
0020106401 Bracket, Wall Adjustable Facade 90-280mm
0020106402 Extension, Flue Facade 0.5m
0020106403 Extension, Flue Facade 1m
0020106405 Elbow, 45Deg
0020106409 Tile, Flexible for Pitched Roof 25-50DegBlack
0020106411 Collar, Penetration for Flat Roof
0020106563 Elbow, Flue Cascade 87Deg 250mm
0020130600 Tile, Roof 25-35Deg
0020147469 Adaptor, Boiler Flue Outlet Bayonet 100mm To 125mm
0020151163 Clip, Flue Support c/w 400mm Stud (Box=5) 200mm
0020151164 Clip, Flue Support c/w 400mm Stud (Box=5) 250mm
0020152033 Heat Recovery Unit, recoFLUE
0020166853 Terminal, Vertical Concentric Flue 110/160mmBlack
0020166854 Terminal, Horizontal Concentric Flue 110/160mmBlack
0020166855 Connection Kit, Facade Flue 110.160mm
0020219517 Duct, Air/Flue Standard Horizontal, c/w Elbow & Terminal
0020219518 Duct, Air/Flue Telescopic Horizontal, c/w Elbow & Terminal
0020219519 Duct, Air/Flue Horizontal, c/w Elbow & Terminal 1770mm
0020219529 Termination, Kit Variable Black
0020219530 Termination, Kit Variable White
0020219533 Deflector, Plume Horizontal Black
0020219534 Deflector, Plume Horizontal White
0020219537 Terminal, Kit for Horizontal Air/Flue Duct
0020219539 Pipe, Extension, for Variable Termination Kit 1mBlack
0020219540 Pipe, Extension, for Variable Termination Kit 1mWhite
0020219543 Elbow, 87Deg for Variable Termination Kit 87Deg
0020219544 Elbow, 87Deg for Variable Termination Kit 87DegWhite
0020219551 Bend, 45Deg for Variable Termination Kit, Pack=2 45DegBlack
0020219552 Bend, 45Deg for Variable Termination Kit, Pack=2 45DegWhite
0020223472 Duct, Air/Flue Vertical c/w Terminal
303801 Flue, Extension 60/100 AL 500mm
303803 Flue, Extension 60/100 AL 2m
303806 Terminal, Horizontal Flue 60/100 AL, Telescopic
303926 Adaptor, Boiler Flue Outlet 100mm To 125mm
303935 Clip, Adjustable Flue Support Pack=3
303945 Bend, 45Deg 2 pieces for Variable, Termination Kit 45DegBlack
303948 Bend, 45Deg 2 pieces for Variable, Termination Kit 45DegWhite
303949 Elbow, 90Deg for Variable Termination Kit 90DegWhite
303960 Valve, Flue Gas Non-Return
303980 Seal, Roof Flexible Pitched
303982 Terminal, Ridge Tile Flue

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