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Thread Convertors & Adaptors (K75)

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
EXS/038-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 3/8in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/050-075/E Enlarger 1/2in To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/050-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/050-M20/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/050-M25/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/050-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/050-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/050-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/050-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread 1/2in NPT To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/075-050/R Reducer 3/4in To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/075-100/E Enlarger 3/4in To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/075-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/075-M20/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/075-M25/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/075-M32/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/075-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/075-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/075-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/075-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/075-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread 3/4in NPT To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/100-050/R Reducer 1in To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/100-075/R Reducer 1in To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/100-125/E Enlarger 1in To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/100-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/100-M20/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/100-M25/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/100-M32/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/100-M40/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/100-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/100-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/100-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/100-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/100-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/100-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread 1in NPT To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/125-050/R Reducer 1.1/4in To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/125-075/R Reducer 1.1/4in To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/125-100/R Reducer 1.1/4in To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/125-150/E Enlarger 1.1/4in To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/125-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/125-M20/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/125-M25/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/125-M32/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/125-M40/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/125-M50/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/125-PG32/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/4in NPT To Pg32Stainless Steel
EXS/150-050/R Reducer 1.1/2in To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/150-075/R Reducer 1.1/2in To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/150-100/R Reducer 1.1/2in To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/150-125/R Reducer 1.1/2in To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/150-200/E Enlarger 1.1/2in To 2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/150-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/150-M20/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/150-M25/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/150-M32/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/150-M40/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/150-M50/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/150-M63/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To M63Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG36/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/150-PG42/TC Convertor, Thread 1.1/2in NPT To Pg42Stainless Steel
EXS/200-050/R Reducer 2in To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/200-075/R Reducer 2in To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/200-100/R Reducer 2in To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/200-125/R Reducer 2in To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/200-150/R Reducer 2in To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/200-M16/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/200-M20/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/200-M25/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/200-M32/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/200-M40/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/200-M50/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/200-M63/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To M63Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG36/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG42/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg42Stainless Steel
EXS/200-PG48/TC Convertor, Thread 2in NPT To Pg48Stainless Steel
EXS/M16-038/TC Convertor, Thread M16 To 3/8in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M16-050/TC Convertor, Thread M16 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M16-M20/E Enlarger M16 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M16-M25/E Enlarger M16 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M16-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M16 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M16-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M16 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M16-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M16 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-050/TC Convertor, Thread M20 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M20-075/TC Convertor, Thread M20 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M20-M16/R Reducer M20 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-M25/E Enlarger M20 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-M32/E Enlarger M20 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M20 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M20 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M20 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M20-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M20 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-050/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M25-075/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M25-100/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M25-M16/R Reducer M25 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-M20/R Reducer M25 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-M32/E Enlarger M25 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-M40/E Enlarger M25 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M25-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread M25 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-050/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M32-075/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M32-100/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M32-125/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M32-M16/R Reducer M32 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-M20/R Reducer M32 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-M25/R Reducer M32 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-M40/E Enlarger M32 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-M50/E Enlarger M32 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/M32-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread M32 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-050/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M40-075/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M40-100/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M40-125/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M40-150/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M40-M16/R Reducer M40 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-M20/R Reducer M40 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-M25/R Reducer M40 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-M32/R Reducer M40 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-M50/E Enlarger M40 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/M40-PG36/TC Convertor, Thread M40 To Pg32Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-050/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M50-075/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M50-100/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M50-125/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M50-150/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M50-200/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To 2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M50-M16/R Reducer M50 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-M20/R Reducer M50 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-M25/R Reducer M50 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-M32/R Reducer M50 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-M40/R Reducer M50 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-M63/E Enlarger M50 To M63Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-M75/E Enlarger M50 To M75Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG36/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/M50-PG42/TC Convertor, Thread M50 To Pg42Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-050/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M63-075/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M63-100/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M63-125/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M63-150/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M63-200/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To 2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M63-M16/R Reducer M63 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-M20/R Reducer M63 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-M25/R Reducer M63 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-M32/R Reducer M63 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-M40/R Reducer M63 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-M50/R Reducer M63 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-M75/E Enlarger M63 To M75Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG36/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG42/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg42Stainless Steel
EXS/M63-PG48/TC Convertor, Thread M63 To Pg48Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-050/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M75-075/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M75-100/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M75-125/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M75-150/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M75-200/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To 2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/M75-M16/R Reducer M75 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-M20/R Reducer M75 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-M25/R Reducer M75 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-M32/R Reducer M75 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-M40/R Reducer M75 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-M50/R Reducer M75 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-M63/R Reducer M75 To M63Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG9/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG11/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG13/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG16/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG21/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG29/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG36/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG42/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg42Stainless Steel
EXS/M75-PG48/TC Convertor, Thread M75 To Pg48Stainless Steel
EXS/PG9-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg9 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG9-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg9 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG9-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg9 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG11-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg11 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG11-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg11 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG11-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg11 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG11-PG9/R Reducer Pg11 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG13-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg13 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG13-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg13 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG13-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg13 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG13-PG9/R Reducer Pg13 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG13-PG11/R Reducer Pg13 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg16 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG16-075/TC Convertor, Thread Pg16 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG16-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg16 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg16 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-M25/TC Convertor, Thread Pg16 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-PG9/R Reducer Pg16 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-PG11/R Reducer Pg16 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-PG13/R Reducer Pg16 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/PG16-PG21/E Enlarger Pg16 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-075/TC Convertor, Thread Pg21 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG21-100/TC Convertor, Thread Pg21 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG21-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg21 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg21 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-M25/TC Convertor, Thread Pg21 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-M32/TC Convertor, Thread Pg21 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-PG9/R Reducer Pg21 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-PG11/R Reducer Pg21 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-PG13/R Reducer Pg21 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-PG16/R Reducer Pg21 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG21-PG29/E Enlarger Pg21 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG29-075/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG29-100/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG29-125/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG29-150/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG29-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-M25/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-M32/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-M40/TC Convertor, Thread Pg29 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-PG9/R Reducer Pg29 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-PG11/R Reducer Pg29 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-PG13/R Reducer Pg29 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-PG16/R Reducer Pg29 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-PG21/R Reducer Pg29 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/PG29-PG36/E Enlarger Pg29 To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG36-075/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG36-100/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG36-125/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG36-150/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG36-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-M25/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-M32/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-M40/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-M50/TC Convertor, Thread Pg36 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG9/R Reducer Pg36 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG11/R Reducer Pg36 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG13/R Reducer Pg36 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG16/R Reducer Pg36 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG21/R Reducer Pg36 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG29/R Reducer Pg36 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/PG36-PG48/E Enlarger Pg36 To Pg48Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG42-075/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG42-100/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG42-125/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG42-150/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG42-200/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To 2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M25/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M32/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M40/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M50/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-M63/TC Convertor, Thread Pg42 To M63Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG9/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG11/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG13/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG16/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG21/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG29/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG36/R Reducer Pg42 To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/PG42-PG48/E Enlarger Pg42 To Pg48Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-050/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To 1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG48-075/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To 3/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG48-100/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To 1in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG48-125/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To 1.1/4in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG48-150/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To 1.1/2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG48-200/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To 2in NPTStainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M16/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M20/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M20Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M25/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M25Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M32/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M32Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M40/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M40Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M50/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M50Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-M63/TC Convertor, Thread Pg48 To M63Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG9/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg9Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG11/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg11Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG13/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg13Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG16/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg16Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG21/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg21Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG29/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg29Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG36/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg36Stainless Steel
EXS/PG48-PG42/R Reducer Pg48 To Pg42Stainless Steel


ABB provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices. The business improves the reliability and efficiency of its customers’ activities across all major industries including the residential sector.

ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people.