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Branksome Business Park
Bourne Valley Road
BH12 1DW

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Tel tel: 01202 768883
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Work Lights

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
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Work Light, WORKBRITE & Flashlight 2 I 20&6xLED, c/w 4xAAA & Counter Display
60 Lumen
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Light, LUMO Clip LED Omnidirectional, c/w 3xLR44 & Counter Display
25 Lumen
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Flashlight, SLYDE & Work Light 2In1 Extendable, c/w 4xAAA & Counter Display
250/190 Lumen
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Flashlight, SLYDE-Z & Work Lgt 2In1 Extendable, c/w 4xAA & Counter Display
300/250 Lumen
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Work Light, TWYST Lantern & Flashlight 3 In 1, LED c/w 4xAA
110/250/270 Lumen
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Work Light, WORKBRITE 2 & Flashlight Red Flash, COB LED c/w 3xAAA & Counter Display
200/100 Lumen
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Work Light, BIG Larry LED Pwr COB High/Low/Red, Flash c/w 3xAA & Counter Display
400/160 Lumen
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Work Light, Larry 2 & Flashlight 2In1 12&1xLED, c/w 3xAAA & Counter Display
160/15 Lumen


We are a UK based design team led by Lee Berman who has been designing products for over 20 years.

In August 2014, we proudly sold the company to ASG Group in Dallas, Texas and are now working with the Bollinger Brothers who have spent the last 40 years building an innovative flashlight and sporting brand.

The future of True Brands Ltd has never looked so bright and with vision and resources of the ASG team, we are very excited about what we will be inventing and selling in the near future.

Specialising in: LED Hand Held Flashlights, Pocket Tools, Key Ring Accessories, Multi Tools, and Lighters.

Lumo Rubber

Clip Tool

Key Tool