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Super Rod Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
SR90100 Battery, Super Beam Replacement
SR90117 Magnet, Double Strength
SR90124 Pulling Sock, Cable 6-10mm
SR90131 Pulling Sock, Cable 11-15mm
SR90216 Torch, Super Beam Cable Rod
SR90353 Locator, Magcomb Tracer
SR90452 Glider, Cable Router
SR90582 Pulling Sock, Cable 16-22mm
SR90599 Pulling Sock, Cable 23-30mm
SR90605 Pulling Sock, Cable 4-6mm
SR90612 Pulling Sock, Cable 5 Pack 4-30mm
SR90674 Pulling Sock, Cable 3 Pack 4-6mm
SR90681 Pulling Sock, Cable 3 Pack 16-30mm
SR91077 Holesaw Kit, Cavity Master c/w Arbour & Drill, 5 x Cover Plates
SR91190 Claw, Double Headed Attachment
SR91305 Glider, Cable Router X2
SR91398 Cable Jack, Spooling Device
SR91404 Camera, Super Cam V6
SR91633 Plate, Cavity Master Solid Pk=5
SR91640 Plate, Cavity Master Mesh Pk=5