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Communications Cable Testing Equip & Accs

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
1001-788 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR1000/3 Fast Pulse, c/w Clip Test Lead Set 5km
1001-789 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR1000/3P Fast Pulse, c/w Fused Test Lead Set 5km
1002-135 Lead, Test Set Single Fused
1002-136 Lead, Power Set c/w Fused Clips
1002-227 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR500/3 Basic
1002-552 Battery Pack, Replacement
1003-217 Case, Carry Hand Straps & Cover
1003-218 Adaptor, Terminal Kit
1003-326 Lead, TDR Fused Lead Set
1003-352 Charger, AC/DC
1003-353 Software, TraceXpert PC & USB Cable
1005-021 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR2050 UK Dual Channel Power Plus
1005-984 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR500/3 CTV
1006-511 Lead, Set Dual Power Fused c/w Fused, Clips FF500mA for TDR2000/3P
1007-061 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR2000/3 UK Dual Channel
1007-065 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR2000/3P UK c/w Fused Leads
1007-077 Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR2010 UK Dual Channel Comms
2002-178 Guide, User Information
6121-538 Charger, TDR2000/2 Kit UK
6180-432 Battery, NiMH Pack=8 1.5Ah 9.6V
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Lead, Set c/w Miniature Clips
6231-653 Lead, Set c/w Miniature Clips
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Lead, Set c/w Miniature Clips
6231-655 Lead, Set c/w Miniature Clips
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Lead, Set BNC To Croc Clips
25965-154 Adaptor, BNC
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Time Domain Reflectometer, Hand Held Advanced Cable Length
5m to 3Km