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RHINO SMARTMETER KIT Multimeter, True RMS Rhino Automatic IP67, c/w 8Pce 1000V VDE Insl S/Drv Set
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Test Lead, Kit Fused
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Test Lead, Kit Unfused
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Test Lead, Basic Unfused
TIS8 Tachometer, Contact & Non Contact ABS
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Pouch, Small
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Pouch, Large
TIS30 Tester, Voltage Compact 6-400V
TIS50 Earth Lead, Wander 50m
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Tester, 17th Edition
Yellow/Grey ABS
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Finder, Fuse/Circuit Testing
TIS80 Thermometer, Infra-red Gun c/w Laser
TIS82 Thermometer, Non Contact Infra Red K Type
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Thermometer, Dual Input K Type
TIS101 Multimeter, Digital c/w NCV ABS
TIS172ML Test Lead, Mains 4mm
TIS173DB Test Lead, Distribution Board 4mm
TIS201 Multimeter, Digital Auto Ranging ABS
TIS258 Multimeter, Pocket c/w Temperature
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Multimeter, Auto-ranging
TIS300 Multimeter, Digital Heavy Duty Data Hold 2-750V
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Tester, Motor/Phase Rotation
TIS418 Clamp Meter, AC/DC 600AABS
TIS438 Clamp Meter, AC/DC True RMS 1000AABS
TIS454 Splitter, AC Line
TIS510 Clamp Meter, AC Pocket 200AABS
TIS516 Clamp Meter, Smart Auto-Sensing
TIS518 Clamp Meter, AC 600AABS
TIS560 Clamp Meter, Earth Leakage
TIS610B Thermometer, Single Input K-Type ABS
TIS612 Thermometer, Dual Input Grey ABS
TIS672 Meter, Digital Sound Level 30-130dBGrey ABS
TIS705 Thermometer, Probe -40 to 250DegC
TIS710 Thermometer, Single Input K Type
TIS720 Thermometer, Dual Input
TIS740 Thermometer, c/w Bluetooth
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Meter, Auto-ranging Safety Multifunction
TIS770 Meter, Sound Level Professional
TIS835 Probe, Spare for TIS830/840
TIS851 Tester, Digital & Analogue Voltage & Conty, Tester With In Built Proving System
TIS851PKIT Test Kit, c/w TIS851 & Proving Unit & Carry, Pouch
TIS855 Clamp Meter, Open Jaw 200A
TIS860 Detector, Voltage 3 in 1 Stud Metal ABS
TIS870 Fuse Finder, c/w Socket Tester & Volt Detector, Protective Carrying Case
TIS880 Tester, LAN Data Cable Professional, Protective Carrying Case ABS
TIS888 Cable Tracer, Tone Generator c/w Continuity Test
TIS925 Detector, Non Contact Voltage IP65
TIS931 Voltstick, Audible c/w Torch
TIS934 Detector, Volt Optical & Acoustic
TIS945 Detector, Voltage & Magnetic Field
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Detector, Voltage Non Contact Vibrating LED, IP65
TIS956 Detector, Volt Vibrating Optical & Audible
TIS958 Detector, Non Contact Voltage, c/w Phase Rotation & Magnetic Field
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Test Lead, Set for SpeediTest Tester
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Tester, SpeediTest
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Socket Tester, c/w Sounder
TIS1005 Socket Tester, c/w In Built Loop & RCD Check
TIS1010 Detector, 3 in 1 Stud Metal & Voltage, c/w Spirit Level & Laser Guide
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Label, Microwave Tested Roll of 150
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Tester, Lamp
TIS1050 Label, 450x Passed & 50x Fail 39x25mm
TIS1051 Label, 150x Passed Cable Wrap 79x49mm
TIS1052 Label, 36x 8 Types of Danger 49x25mm
TIS1053 Label, 50x NICEIC Periodic Inspection 72x73mm
TIS1054 Label, 50x Standard Periodic Inspection 72x73mm
TIS1055 Label, 36x 6 Types of Earth ID 25x49mm
TIS1100 Box, R1+R2 Breakout
TIS1107 Test Lead, Non Fused Set
TIS1110 Test Lead, Fused Set
TIS1111 Lead, Earth Bond
TIS1301 Probe, Temperature Pen Type ABS
TIS1302 Thermometer, Air/Needle ABS
TIS1303 Thermometer, K Type ABS
TIS1304 Meter, Moisture ABS
TIS1307 Meter, Light 0.01-20000LuxABS
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Meter, Light
0.01-400000LuxGrey ABS
TIS1309 Anemometer, Digital Air Flow, for Fans in Bathrooms
TIS1310 Meter, LED Light
TIS1611 Label, Pass Pack=500 50x25mm
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Label, Pass Pack=500
TIS1612/4ED Label, PAT 4th Edition Pass, Pack
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Label, Fail Pack=200
TIS1614 Label, Barcode Code 39 Pack=1000 50x25mm
TIS1614-500 Label, PAT Medium Pass Pack=500
TIS1615 Label, Solar PV Pack=250 40x79mm
TIS1615-200 Label, PAT Medium Fail Pack=200
TIS1616 Label, Tuff Tag Pack=250 50x25mm
TIS1616-250 Label, PAT Pass Tuff Tags Pack=250
TIS1616-500 Label, PAT Plug Top Pass Pack=500
TIS1617 Label, 500 Pass 200 Fail 40x20mm
TIS1617-200 Label, PAT Plug Top Fail Pack=200
TIS1618 Label, Danger Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1619 Label, Danger 110V Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1620 Label, Danger 230V Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1620-250 Label, PAT Pass Wrap Pack=250
TIS1621 Label, Danger 400V Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1622 Label, Danger 415V Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1623 Label, Danger 415V Between Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1624 Label, Caution Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1625 Label, Important Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1626 Label, Safety Electrical Connection, Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1627 Label, Danger High Voltage Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1628 Label, Danger Live Terminals Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1629 Label, Danger Isolate Elsewhere Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1630 Label, Do Not Switch Off Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1631 Label, Main Switch Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1632 Label, Computers Do Not Switch Off, Pack=125 58x28mm
TIS1711 Commissioning Form, Solar G83 Installation
TIS1712 Test Sheet, Solar Commissioning Inspection
TIS1830 Tester, Insulation & Continuity ABS
TIS1835 Tester, Insulation, For 50 100 250 500 & 1000V
TIS1850 Tester, Advanced 17th Edition Multifunction
TIS1900 Camera, Thermal Image High Performance -20 to 350C 224x77x96mm
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Clamp Meter, Harmonic Power
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Clamp Meter, Harmonic Power
TIS2308 Tester, Earth Resistance
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Multimeter, Insulation
TIS5215 Tester, HV Insulation 5kV
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Anemometer, Digital Air Flow
TIS6300 Meter, Professional Multifunctional, Enviromental ABS
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Hygrometer, Thermometer, Temperature
TIS6507 Thermometer, Dual Input, Temperature
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Meter, Sound & Decibel Level
TIS7221 Calibrator, Voltage/mA
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Thermometer, Infrared c/w Dual Laser
TIS8866 Thermometer, Infrared c/w Dual Laser ABS Yellow
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Probe, Air K Type
TISAP2 Probe, Deluxe Air
TISCHECKBOX Checkbox, Calibration
TISETK Test Kit, Electricians c/w TIS851 Tester, TIS1000 TIS258 TIS934 & TIS25
TISLD80 Meter, Laser Distance 80m
TISLED3-M LED, Stick-up Lights Pk=3 Red Blue Chrome
TISLED3-SC LED, Stick-up Lights Pk=3 Satin Chrome
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Probe, Liquid/Food K Type
Stainless Steel
TISLP2 Probe, Deluxe Liquid
TISMC4TL Test Lead, MC4
TISMFTPRO Tester, Professional Multi-Function, c/w Power Quality Harmonics & WiFi
TISNP2 Probe, Deluxe Needle/Food
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Thermocouple, K-Type Oven/Refrigerator Probe
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Probe, Pipe Clamp K Type
Stainless Steel
TISPSU PSU, Optional 230V Mains for TIS600
TISPU1 Proving Unit, GS38 ABS
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Meter, Photo Voltaic Illuminance
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Test Kit, Photo Voltaic c/w True RMS AC/DC, Clampmeter
TISSC1 Cone, Retractable Safety c/w Flashing LED
TISSP2 Probe, Deluxe Surface
TISVL230 Label, Assorted Electrical Safety Pack=250
More Information Available
Thermocouple, K-Type Wire
Stainless Steel