Termination Technology Ltd.
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Croft End Industrial Estate
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Labelling - 21A

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
DT40YB Label, Danger Triangle Rigid (Pack=5) 30x30mm
HC1YB Label, Danger 110 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 50x20mm
HC2YB Label, Danger 230 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 50x20mm
HC5YB Label, Danger 400 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 50x20mm
HC60WR Label, Fire Alarm Rigid (Pack=5) 50x20mm
HCT2YB Label, Danger 230 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 55x70mm
HCT5YB Label, Danger 415 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 55x70mm
HCT50YBG Label, Safety Electrical Connection (Pk=5) 50x70mm
HL70YB Label, Laser Beam Rigid (Pack=5) 50x70mm
LF50YBG Label, Safety Electrical Connection (Pk=5) 80x35mm
LF60WR Label, Fire Alarm Rigid (Pack=5) 80x35mm
LF88WR Label, Computer Do Not Switch Off (Pack=5) 80x35mm
LFT22YB Label, Warning Isolate Rigid (Pack=5) 80x100mm
LFT23YB Label, Danger Of Death Rigid (Pack=5) 80x100mm
LH55YB Label, Main Switch Rigid (Pack=5) 80x35mm
LH99WR Label, No Smoking Rigid (Pack=5) 80x55mm
NA10WR Label, Electrician Working Rigid (Pack=5) 152x229mm
PB10BLK Label, Periodic Inspection Rigid (Pack=5) 130x60mm
PJ43WB Label, RCD Test Rigid (Pack=5) 130x60mm
PV-SOLAR Label, Solar Array (Pack=5) Vinyl
TC10604 Label, 140 Failed PAT (Pack=10)
TC10614 Label, 140 Tested PAT (Pack=10)
TC10625 Label, 140 Tested for Safety PAT (Pack=10)
TC10626 Label, 140 Rejected PAT (Pack=10)
TLF2YB Label, Danger 230 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 80x35mm
TLF5YB Label, Danger 415 Volts Rigid (Pack=5) 80x35mm
TLF28YB Label, Isolate Elsewhere Rigid (Pack=5) 80x35mm
TLF58YB Label, 415V Between Rigid (Pack=5) 80x35mm
TNA5YBA Label, Danger 415V Rigid (Pack=5) 152x229mm
TNA9YBA Label, Danger Live Cables Rigid (Pack=5) 152x229mm
VHC5YB Label, Danger 415 Volts Rigid (Pack=25) 50x20mm
VHCT5YBP Label, Danger 415 Volts (Pack=25) 55x70mmVinyl
VLF50YBG Label, Safety Electrical Connection (Pk25) 80x35mm
VPJ24WB Label, Periodic Inspection (Pack=25) 130x60mmVinyl
VTLF3YB Label, Danger 240 Volts (Pack=25) 80x35mmVinyl
VTLF6YB Label, Danger 400 Volts (Pack=25) 80x35mmVinyl
VTLF9YB Label, Danger Live Terminals (Pack=25) 80x35mmVinyl
VWLWR Label, Harmonised Cable Notice (Pack=25)
WY70YB Label, Electric Shock Treatment 340x260mm

Termination Technology Ltd

Founded in 1999 Termination Technology are a supplier of cable accessories. Our strong relationships with  supplier’s means we are able to supply quality goods sourced from around the world.

Our intention has always been based on quality and service and remains the same today.

We continually work with our customers and suppliers to source new product ranges.