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Coloured Ties - 10J

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
TT100-2.5BLUE Cable Tie 100x2.5mmBlue Nylon
TT100-2.5BROWN Cable Tie 100x2.5mmBrown Nylon
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Cable Tie, Coloured
TT100-2.5GREEN Cable Tie 100x2.5mmGreen Nylon
TT100-2.5ORA Cable Tie 100x2.5mmOrange Nylon
TT100-2.5RED Cable Tie 100x2.5mmRed Nylon
TT100-2.5YELL Cable Tie 100x2.5mmYellow Nylon
TT200-4.8BLUE Cable Tie 200x4.8mmBlue Nylon
TT200-4.8BROWN Cable Tie 200x4.8mmBrown Nylon
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Cable Tie, Coloured
TT200-4.8GREEN Cable Tie 200x4.8mmGreen Nylon
TT200-4.8ORANGE Cable Tie 200x4.8mmOrange Nylon
TT200-4.8PURPLE Cable Tie 200x4.8mmPurple Nylon
TT200-4.8RED Cable Tie 200x4.8mmRed Nylon
TT200-4.8YELL Cable Tie 200x4.8mmYellow Nylon
TT300-4.8BLUE Cable Tie 300x4.8mmBlue Nylon
TT300-4.8BROWN Cable Tie 300x4.8mmBrown Nylon
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Cable Tie, Coloured
TT300-4.8GREEN Cable Tie 300x4.8mmGreen Nylon
TT300-4.8ORANGE Cable Tie 300x4.8mmOrange Nylon
TT300-4.8PINK Cable Tie 300x4.8mmPink Nylon
TT300-4.8RED Cable Tie 300x4.8mmRed Nylon
TT300-4.8SILVER Cable Tie 300x4.8mmSilver Nylon
TT300-4.8YELL Cable Tie 300x4.8mmYellow Nylon


Termination Technology Ltd

Founded in 1999 Termination Technology are a supplier of cable accessories. Our strong relationships with  supplier’s means we are able to supply quality goods sourced from around the world.

Our intention has always been based on quality and service and remains the same today.

We continually work with our customers and suppliers to source new product ranges.